What would cause a refrigerator to make a grinding noise and smell bad?

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To answer the first question. Check the ice maker to see if it is on or off if not hooked up. Second question....clean it out once in awhile.
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What would cause a 1992 Dodge Dakota to make a grinding noise in 4hi and 4lo?

Have you look for dirt and water in transfer case, pumkins? drainthe oil and add new in the pumkins takeoff inspection plate look tosee what is going on. This will save you mo

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How do you make bad smell in refrigerator disappear?

1. First check all the food , something might have got bad and needs to be chucked out.. 2. Then empty the fridge and give it a good clean with soapy warm water, dry it well.
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What would cause front axles to make grinding noise on a 03 trailblazer?

I suspect there are multiple possibilities but the first which comes to mind for me are sticking brake calipers. A sticking caliper will cause a vehicle to veer to one side. I