Does the prescription drug Cymbalta cause excessive sweating?

\n. \nMy sweating is debilitating and embarrassing. I feel like it is ruining my life. I avoid many social activities because of it. it is embarrassing at work. I don't even (MORE)
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Causes of excessive sweating of face and head?

According to medical research, excessive sweating of face and head is believed to be a genetic (heredity) condition and can often occur, with no obvious triggers. Though th (MORE)
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What causes excess sweating?

Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis is usually caused by excessive stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system .. Drugs, alcohol, and nervousness all play their part.. Ev (MORE)
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What is a cause of excessive sweating?

There are many reasons for excessive sweating and to know for sure you should check with a doctor. Some of the reasons could be: illness, fever, anxiety and stress, or overexe (MORE)
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Which medications may cause excessive sweating?

Antidepressant medication may cause excessive sweating. Night sweats can be caused by some pain killing medication with narcotic components like fentanyl. Nicotine and caffei (MORE)