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What would cause the current to get above 30A and what items would make the current go so high?

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not enough information to give an most buildings have at least 100 to 200 amp service what specifically are you talking about? a water heater is 30 amps but it does not use 30 all time

Low resistance and high voltage cause high currents [in amperes]
an Ampere is the unit that is used to measure the volume of current flowing through a conductor. Just because you have a 30 ampere breaker doesn't mean you are drawing [using] 30 amps. You can have a 30 ampere breaker and be drawing NO load!! The quantity of electricity used in amps, pushed by the pressure in volts is what is stated as power usage in watts. 3 amp current at 120 volts gives a power consumption of 360 watts. totally confused now? worse yet, an ampere is the amount of current that will be caused to flow through a material with an electrical resistance of 1 ohm when an electrical potential [pressure difference] of 1 volt is applied.
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How does a rheostat make a current high?

The rheostat makes the current high by decreasing the resistance.....and as v=ir.. if r has been decreased and v remains constant than i will increase..

What causes current to flow what makes it do this?

the basic cause of current flow is the movement of electrons ,basically when some potential difference is applied between any two terminal of a wire electrons will flow from l

Where would you find convection currents?

There are a number of places where you would find convection  currents. In most cases they will happen within the geosphere  through plate tectonics, hydrosphere through oce

What changes to the Constitution would the founding Fathers make in light of the current War On Terrorism?

Answer . I don't think its really possible to answer that question. The framers developed the constitution based on their experiences in the culture of the 18th century enl

Which mode of transmission would result in less energy loss high current and low voltage or low current and high voltage Explain your reason?

low current high voltage power dissipation in power line = I2R the resistance of the power line is hard to reduce, especially when it is a long transmission line. but reducin

What would you do to measure the current in a resistor?

Since the current in a resistor is the same as the current in the  leads/wires on either side of the resister, I might use a clamp  meter such as an Amprobe to measure curre