What would cause the current to get above 30A and what items would make the current go so high?

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not enough information to give an most buildings have at least 100 to 200 amp service what specifically are you talking about? a water heater is 30 amps but it does not use 30 all time

Low resistance and high voltage cause high currents [in amperes]
an Ampere is the unit that is used to measure the volume of current flowing through a conductor. Just because you have a 30 ampere breaker doesn't mean you are drawing [using] 30 amps. You can have a 30 ampere breaker and be drawing NO load!! The quantity of electricity used in amps, pushed by the pressure in volts is what is stated as power usage in watts. 3 amp current at 120 volts gives a power consumption of 360 watts. totally confused now? worse yet, an ampere is the amount of current that will be caused to flow through a material with an electrical resistance of 1 ohm when an electrical potential [pressure difference] of 1 volt is applied.
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