What would cause the hot and cold water to reverse suddenly?

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You have old rust clogged galvanized pipes and someone cut the water on in another outlet. Fixit1
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Why would hot water be coming out of the hot and cold faucets?

\n. \n HOT WATER PROBLEMS \n. \n. \nYOUR HOT WATER TANK NEEDS TO BE REPLACED\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nIt could be cross connected, I would turn on any faucet, then

What would cause a sulfur smell in the hot water when the cold water does not smell and the hot and cold water in a house supplied by the same well water also doesn't smell?

\n. \n Answer smelly water \n. \nyou most likely have lime build up in your hot water heater. you need to flush it out and change the heating elements.\n. \n Answer

Why would the handle for hot or cold water be reversed?

If this is a shower handle, this is a common mistake installers make. Just remove the handle, and rotate the pin that the handle connects to by 180 degrees. This will reverse

Why would you suddenly get only cold water in your bathroom sink but get hot and cold in the shower?

\nDepending on whether this is a tap or a mixer. Will depend on the answer. If it is a tap, the washer could be stuck, preventing the water from coming out or it may be jammed

What happens when the cold and hot water pipes are reversed on the hot water tank?

You will get warm instead of hot water. There is a tube inside the tank on the cold side that goes to the bottom of the tank and the hot comes directly from the top. Reverse t

What would cause low water flow from cold and hot kitchen faucet?

If you have adequate flow from the other sinks in the house then either one of the items mentioned below should help. The first thing to look at is the aerator. At the end o