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What would cause the water in a swimming pool to be blue not clear?

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You need to add chlorine.
I doubt in the above answer that chlorine will clear up a "blue water" situation. BTW, is the water or the pool surface - floor, walls etc - blue - there is a huge difference. The blue affect on the plaster could mean a greatly out of balance chemistry - pH and Total Akalinity.
Never heard of the water turning blue unless there was an additive put into the pool that would purposely turn the water blue.

If you're asking about the pale blue colour of swimming pool water, it's because water absorbs light. Light that is visible to humans comprises the seven colours of the spectrum. The light at the red end of the spectrum gets absorbed, but the blue does not, hence you can see it in water of sufficient volume.
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Why would swimming pool water cause natural blonde hair to get a green tint to it?

Pool water that has a higher concentration of COPPER will tend to turn light colored hair slightly green. The copper could be from a number of sources including: naturally h

Is there a reason why your pool water would go from clear blue to a light foggy green?

You're pool has run out of cholorine. Without a sanatizer your pool will turn cloudy and then green. Shock it right away and make sure you have enough chlorine to sanatize.

How do you get a swimming pool to have that clear blue color you typically see in nice pools?

I have found with communicating with other pool owners that the color of your liner has alot to do with the water color. My pool is blue and white which gives the water that t

How do you clear up the water in a swimming pool when it is green caused by too much metal in the water?

Answer . You need to add a metal sequestering agent or chealating agent. Do not use copper based algecides as they will only add to the metal problem. A: What the above an

How do you get clear up bleary water in a swimming pool?

Answer . I'm not sure what you mean by "bleary" water, but we've had all kinds. If you mean cloudy water, with or without green, you may need to at least backwash, at the m

What would cause you to be sick after swimming in a salt water pool?

Answer . If you accidently swallowed some of the salt water.. Unless the sanitary conditions were extremely poor you may not have gotten sick from the pool water. However,

How do you clear up swimming pool water when it is greeen?

Answer . To clean a pool and new fresh water when the water is green you have to drain the water. . After all the water is gone wash the pool. When that is done you can f

Why does the water in a swimming pool look blue?

It is due to the absorption of sunlight. Shorter wavelengths (red/orange) get absorbed by the water at a very shallow depth. The longer wavelengths (blue/purple) get through t

Is pool water chemistry safe for swimming if the water is clear?

Not necessarily. If pool water has recently been shocked, the chlorine level may be too high to swim even if the water is clear. Shocking can result in 10 ppm or more of chlor