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What would happen if the length of wire increase what happens to the resistance?

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resistance is directly proportional to wire length and inversely proportional to wire cross-sectional area. In other words, If the wire length is doubled, the resistance is doubled too. If the wire diameter is doubled, the resistance will reduce to 1/4 of the original resistance.
Yeah...but what's the factor???
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What will happen to the resistance of a wire if it is stretched to increase its length by 2 times?

Actually resistance is directly proportional to the length provided area remains constant. But as we stretch the wire only its volume would remain constant. So its area is to (MORE)

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What will happen to the brightness of a bulb if the length of a wire increases?

If you mean the length of the wire that supplies current to the bulb, the bulb will dim due to increased resistance in the wire, if you make it longer.
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What happens to resistance when resistors are wired in parallel?

Total resistance in the circuit decreases   Two resistors in parallel have less overall resistance than the same two resistors in series, or even just one of the resistor (MORE)