What would or could cause you to miss a period besides being pregnant?

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Stress, drug use, lack of nutritional dietry intake particularly when the period has not come for a number of months.
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Can being sick cause you to miss your period?

well i was sick for just over a week with a really bad cold and a fever and my period was late but I'm not pregnant so I guess it happens.. It's more likely that you are sick and missed your period because you are pregnant. Take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure. When I was sick one ti (MORE)

If three urine test say that you are pregnant and a blood test says you are not what should you do and what else would cause three positive urine tests besides being pregnant?

You should talk to your doctor about that. I don't know of any reasons why three tests in a row would be wrong. If they are all three from the same box, then maybe they were all contaminated somehow. Or if they were a super cheap kind, they may not work properly. I really can't say, but you should t (MORE)

Could a low-carb diet cause you to miss a period?

I would say most likely not. You should take a pregnancy test if you have been sexually active anytime in the last month. any kind of sudden change in your diet can make your period stop. stress can also make it stop. the irony is stress over missing your period can actually make a delayed period s (MORE)

Could a bladder infection cause a missed period?

No, a bladder infection won't cause a late or missed period. But antibiotics, which are usually given for a bladder infection, can cause the pill not be as effective. If you are late or missed a period you should see a doctor for a pregnancy test. Or take a home test. Anytime you are on antibiotics, (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you missed two months of your period?

Answer . It depends on how regular you are, your age, stress levels, and any hormonal changes you might not be aware of. Sometimes if you're younger your cycle is bound to be irregular.You might be pregnant, and sometimes symptoms don't show at all in some people, if you have had unprotected sex (MORE)

Could you still be pregnant if you haven't missed a period?

Answer . \nYes. There have been cases where someone experienced a "false" period. The best way to tell if you are pregnant is a doctor test you for pregnancy. The tests you buy over the counter are pretty good too, but make sure you read the directions and limits of the test.

Are there signs you could be pregnant before you actually miss your period?

Answer . \nYes - but nothing conclusive. Any symptom you get before you miss your first period can be a sign of either a flu or PMS. The biggest indicators are:\n. \n- Your breasts may begin to swell, nipples tingle or hurt. You may notice a darken of the aureola.\n- You may feel bloated. W (MORE)

Why would you miss a period while being on birth control?

Answer . Hello,\n. \nThere is a few possibilitis as to why you would miss a period when on birth control. \n. \nThese possibilitis are:\n. \n . Missing or taking too many Birth control pills.\n . \n . Taking MAP or ECP. \n . \n . Doseage of BC pills being too high for you. \n . \n . (MORE)

What could cause me to miss my period the past two months?

There could be several different causes for missing a period. The first, and most obvious reason is pregnancy. Although, you can miss a period and not be pregnant. Other causes could be a hormonal imbalance (thyroid), stress, excessive weight gain/loss, problems with ovaries (syst, tumors..although (MORE)

Could you miss a period and not be pregnant?

Yes you can. Teenage girls frequently do--missing a period is not a sure sign of pregnancy but when coupled with morning sickness and sore/growing breasts it is a more definitive sign. Missing a second one coupled with the other symptoms is almost a certain sign of pregnancy.

You missed your period could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. I suggest that you take a pregnancy test. If the test is negative and your next period is abnormal, missing or late then you should go and see the doctor or gynaecologist to get checked out.

Can you miss a period without being pregnant?

Yes, it's quite possible. Many things can disrupt the menstruation cycle, such as emotional upset, diet, age, physical problems. Some adolescent women take some time to regulate into their unique rhythm, and a few never obtain it without medical help. Older women may be bordering on menopause.

What could it mean if I miss a period but am not pregnant?

Irregular periods can have many causes, including stress and unusual weight loss. If you have a pattern of irregular menstruation, you should go to the doctor to make sure that you are not malnutritioned or have other serious problems. Many doctors will put you on the pill to regulate your menstrual (MORE)

You missed your period for a week now could you be pregnant?

That depends if you know how to read your ovulation. The period can only come after ovulation. If you have no idea whether you ovulated or not, then there is no guarantee of anything. If you ovulated and you´ve had sex around the time of ovulation, you´re likely pregnant. If you haven´t ovu (MORE)

Why would you miss your period being on the nuva ring?

Like any hormonal birth control method, Nuva Ring is likely to cause lighter flow and shorter periods than you had before you started on it. In the first three months, you may have irregular spotting or bleeding. It's less common on Nuva Ring than on the pill, but it can occur. After the three month (MORE)

What else could cause a missed period?

A missed period could be caused by excess stress, sudden weight loss or rapid weight gain, medications you may have started or stopped taking recently, if you have worked out more than usual recently, pregnancy, and - more serious, though MUCH less common - certain diseases or STDs.

If you missed your period could you still be pregnant if test is negative?

Yes, there is a possibility you could still be pregnant. Some pregnancy tests will not read your hCG levels if they are too low. The best way to find out if you are pregnant after receiving a negative test result is to go to your doctor. Have your doctor perform a blood test to give you a definite a (MORE)

What could cause you to miss you period for three months in a row?

I have had this and tested negative for pregnancy (I knew it was very unlikely I would be pregnant anyway as my fiance had a vasectomy years ago although I do know that miracles can happen so I wanted to rule it out before visiting my doctor) so I went to the doctor and I'm currently to undergo bloo (MORE)

You missed a pill 4 days after period could you be pregnant?

It depends on when you ovulate. Your body might not have ovulated yet but there is still a chance you could be pregnant. It takes seven days of regular pill taking after your period to make it affective. I am in the same boat I missed my seventh pill and I am losing my mind. Most women do not ovulat (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period and have stomach aches?

Did you have unprotected sex within the last 28 days? If yes then there is a chance that you could be pregnant. The best way to find out is to have a pregnancy test 4 weeks after the event of unprotected sex. But a miss period and some stomach aches are not the only symptoms of pregnancy. Missed per (MORE)

Can being stessed cause you to miss your period?

Yes. Sometimes stress can cause you to miss a period, but I would say more so prolong your period and sometimes stress can bring on an unexpected period. That happened to me a year ago, and I was terrified because it was brown, and it made me think I was pregnant. When I went to the doctor, I found (MORE)

Can being a vegetarian cause missed periods?

Being a vegetarian does not cause you to miss periods, althoughdiet will impact on menstruation. If you're vegetarian you have tomake sure you've got a healthy diet to make up for what you lose iskipping meat from your diet, otherwise you can lose menstruation.

Could your thyroid cause you to miss a period?

Having a thyroid condition can affect a woman's menstrual cycle. The thyroid autoimmune conditions Graves' disease and Hashitmoto's thyroiditis can also affect one's menstrual cycle. For those with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism, the result can be heavy and/or irregular menstrual cycles. For those w (MORE)