What would the earth be like without greenhouse gases or the greenhouse effect?

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  • Pretty well frozen over. The average surface temperature would be about -4 degrees Fahrenheit if there were no greenhouse effect.
  • In addition, since water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas, the world would also be a very dry place. I guess it would be a lot like Mars, very cold and lifeless.
  • Earth's atmosphere naturally has greenhouse gases in it. Without them Earth would only be heated by its core and the rays of the sun. Those rays would warm us during the day, but at night all the heat would be lost back into space.
  • Greenhouse gases insulate Earth, comparable with a blanket. Without that 'blanket', the average temperature on Earth would drop to about -18°C (0°F) and life would almost be impossible.
  • All heat from the sun hitting the earth would be reflected back out to space and most of the earth would experience ice age conditions.
  • The Green House effect is important because there is a kind of gas that forms a "blanket" around Earth that holds heat in the atmosphere and keeps Earth's atmosphere at a temperature that is comfortable for most living things. So without it the temperature would go down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius colder than it is).
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How do greenhouse gases help the Earth?

Greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect have kept the earth warm enough for life for millions of years. Without greenhouse gases the Earth would be cold and lifeless.

What is the effect of greenhouse gases on the environment?

Greenhouse gases act to trap infrared radiation within the Earth's atmosphere, which effectively heats the Earth's surface and lower atmosphere. The increase in temperature is theorised to result in a rise in sea level (due to melting of large glaciers and sheet ice) and will reduce the pH of the oc (MORE)

How do greenhouse gases affect the earth?

Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere of the Earth. As adirect result of this, the temperature of the Earth issignificantly increased compared to what is normal.

How cold would the earth be without greenhouse gases?

The earth would not be noticeably colder. What greenhouse gases dois they hold in the heat, causeing the earth to be hotter notcolder, that's why we have increased tornados, avalances andtsunamis. And that is also why winters turned into soggy wintersrather then white snow winters. In tropics such a (MORE)

What is the effect of greenhouse gases on our planet?

Greenhouse gases have been working with the heat from the sun to keep the earth comfortably warm for millions of years. The gases absorb some of the heat from the warmed earth and keep it from escaping into space. When greenhouse gas levels increase, as they are from recent human activity, they reta (MORE)

What would happen without the greenhouse effect?

Without any of the greenhouse gases that help keep the earth warm, global average temperatures would be some thirty degrees colder. Heat would be lost rapidly at night, making life on earth, as we know it, impossible. So greenhouse gases are necessary for human life and a comfortable existence. . T (MORE)

What is the distance to the greenhouse gases from earth?

The greenhouse gases do not form a shell around the earth although this is the image given on Fox News and CNN. The illustration is usually heat "wavy arrows" bouncing off the earth's surface and bing reflected back down by the shell of greenhouse gases. NO, NO, NO! The greenhouse gases (carbo (MORE)

How can you minimize the effect of greenhouse gases?

stop driving cars Man produces about 0.28% of all greenhouse gas. It is conceivable that man may be contributing to the current warming trend of the past 10,000 years. Well over 1/2 of the 0.28% that we contribute is through our homes and businesses. Reducing the energy consumed would be the on (MORE)

What are the effects of greenhouse gases?

The " greenhouse effect " is a phenomenon wherebygreenhouse gases in the atmosphere act to entrap heat from the sun.This process is thought to be a self-feeding cycle which can spiralout of control. (The planet Venus is a prime example of thegreenhouse effect gone wild.) The greenhouse effect is sup (MORE)

What gases are involved with the greenhouse effect?

The main gas is water vapor, which is responsible for up between 40% and 70% of greenhouse warming. However as this occurs naturally it is not possible to regulate it. The next one is carbon dioxide (26%), then methane (9%) and ozone (7%). There are others too, but these are the main ones.. A: . (MORE)

What effect do greenhouse gases have on Earth?

The greenhouse effect is the process by which thermal radiation from a planetary surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases,and is re-radiated in all directions.Since part of this re-radiation is back towards the surface and the lower atmosphere,it results in an elevation of the average sur (MORE)

What gases are associated with the greenhouse effect?

There are many gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect. Some have a more potent effect than others. The following are considered to be greenhouse gases, the number after the name indicates the equivalent greenhouse gas effect compared to carbon dioxide (the principal man made greenhouse gas: (MORE)

How Does Greenhouse Gases Effect The World?

Answer: . It affects the world for it makes the worlds temperature right for life if there are no green house gases the temperature of the may drop to -0 C or below or on the other if it has more chemical than normal it might make the world hotter.. Answer: . We have always had Greenhouse Ga (MORE)

What are the gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gases are . water vapor . carbon dioxide . methane . nitrous oxide . fluorocarbons Methane is 21 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide, pound for pound, and is coming from the melting tundra. CO2 remains of primary concern simply because of the sheer volume of it humans rel (MORE)

How do the greenhouse gases affect Earth?

Greenhouse gases stop heat from escaping the atmosphere. This natural greenhouse effect has kept our planet warm for millions of years. The earth's carbon and water cycles move carbon dioxide and water vapor in and out of the atmosphere constantly. Greenhouse gases (any gas with 3 or more atoms) (MORE)

Compare Greenhouse gases with the Greenhouse Effect?

A greenhouse gas is a gas in the atmosphere that takes in andreleases radiation. The greenhouse effect is more of a process inwhich radiation is emitted in different directions after beingabsorbed by greenhouse gases.

Why would the earth freeze without the greenhouse effect?

The earth's carbon and water cycles move carbon dioxide and water vapour in and out of the atmosphere. This means that there are just enough of these greenhouse gases to support a balanced greenhouse effect. The gases trap some of the sun's heat as it is reflecting back out into space and the gas (MORE)

Why are greenhouse gases useful to the earth?

Yes, greenhouse gases are very useful for numerous reasons. Firstly, they warm up our planet significantly by trapping the solar energy radiation, which increases the surface temperature. They are non-toxic unlike some gases, so they are not harmful if inhaled. Thirdly, Greenhouse Gases have fairly (MORE)

Are greenhouse gases affecting the earth?

At present man-made greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, are adding to the greenhouse effect. The natural carbon cycle is unable to cope with the extra CO2 which remains in the atmosphere gathering heat, and causing global warming. Less than 1% of the gases in Earth's atmosphere ar (MORE)

What would happen to the earth with out the greenhouse effect?

The earth would become very cold and life would cease to exist. A natural greenhouse effect is necessary to keep the earth warm enough for life. . However, since we started seriously burning fossil fuels about 150 years ago a lot more carbon dioxide and methane has been released into the atmospher (MORE)

What gases cause the greenhouse effect?

Any gas which has at least three atoms can be a greenhouse gas. Only they can absorb infrared radiation. The following are the main greenhouse gases. The number after the name indicates the equivalent greenhouse gas effect compared to carbon dioxide (the principal man-made greenhouse gas): Wa (MORE)

How do greenhouse gases cause the greenhouse effect?

Briefly: Greenhouse gases capture heat rising from the earth. This warms the atmosphere and also the earth. In more detail: The Earth receives energy from the Sun mostly in the form of visible light and nearby wavelengths. About 50% of the sun's energy is absorbed at the Earth's surface. Like (MORE)

Is the greenhouse effect a cushion of gases?

Yes, in a way. The gases in the atmosphere hold back some of the heat from the sun (not letting it escape back into space). This heat keeps the earth warm and lets us live fairly comfortably. If we continue to add greenhouses gases to the atmosphere (carbon dioxide pollution from vehicles, indust (MORE)

How do scientists know what earths temperature would be without greenhouse gases?

Sampling trapped gas bubbles in ice cores gives both historical levels of greenhouse gasses and indirectly by various isotope ratios corresponding historical temperatures. By using statistical curve fitting techniques a function of temperature vs. greenhouse gas levels can be determined and thus the (MORE)

What effect do greenhouse gases have on the the greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gases are the cause of Greenhouse effect.The greenhouse gases which include CO 2 , Methane etc. trap the heat in the Earth's atmosphere and don't allow it to escape. This has kept the earth's atmosphere warm enough for life for millions of years. The greenhouse effect is named so because (MORE)

What are greenhouse gases and what effect do they have on your atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases are what allows life to exist on this planet. They warm the planet by some 20 degrees C. Without these gases we would be very cold and no life would exist. The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor, making up anywhere from 70 to 90% of all greenhouse gas. Second in line is CO2 (MORE)

Why without greenhouse effect earth would freeze?

OK, It wont freeze. Earth has atmospheres which kind of keep SOME heat in but still releasing extra. The greenhouse effect wont freeze earth the less greenhouse emissions the better. Greenhouse effect is when their is ALOT of carbon in the air from cars and the sun's rays come onto Earth but wont (MORE)

How does the Greenhouse Effect keep the earth warmer than it would be without the presence of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases are transparent to visible light, but opaque to infrared radiation. Light arrives at the planet Earth during the day from the sun, and warms the planet. The planet then cools off at night by radiating infrared radiation into space. If greenhouse gases intercept that infrared radiati (MORE)

What is the greenhouse effect and what gases are responsible for it?

The greenhouse effect keeps the earth warm enough for life. This is a good thing. The gases responsible are mostly water vapour and carbon dioxide. The enhanced greenhouse effect is causing global warming and climate change. This is a very dangerous thing. The gases responsible are mostl (MORE)

Are greenhouse gases good for the earth?

The amount of greenhouse gases in the air before we began burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) was just right for keeping the earth comfortably warm enough for life. Since the Industrial Revolution, when we discovered that burning coal would power a steam engine, we have been adding (MORE)

How do you reduce the effects of greenhouse gases?

You can only reduce the effect of greenhouse gasesby reducing the levels of the gases themselves. The only way to reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphereis to plant billions of fast-growing trees. Growing vegetation isthe only way to reduce the carbon dioxide that is already in theatmos (MORE)

Would greenhouse gases increase in the greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gases will increase as long as we keep burning fossilfuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and thegeneration of electricity, which releases carbon dioxide, thegreenhouse gas causing global warming.

How is earth affected by greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases trap heat that would normally escape into space.This makes the atmosphere and the earth warmer. This warmth, allround the world, is melting ice, raising sea levels, giving moreenergy into storms, causing heat waves and killing people.

How can we lessen the effect of greenhouse gases?

We can't lessen their effect. Greenhouse gases capture heat risingfrom the earth's surface. We can't change that. What we CAN do is reduce the amount of greenhouse gases going intothe atmosphere. To do this we have to stop burning fossil fuels.Solar and wind power are now cheaper than fossil fuels a (MORE)