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Cutlass= CHUCK NORRIS, Katana = Jonas brothers
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How long is a katana?

  The Katana blade varies in size from 60-73 cm.

What is a katana sword?

A katana is a type of sword that originated in the Muromachi Period  (1392-1573) in Japan. Although the Katana is classified as the  single edged blade used by the Samurai,

What are the parts to a katana?

A 'Katana' is a Japanese curved sword sometimes referred to as a 'Samurai Sword'. As with all swords, the parts are a metal cutting blade, a hand guard and a handle or hilt. T

Is a katana better or a reverse blade katana?

Better is relative. First, contrary to popular belief, the katana-style sword with a blade on the concave edge was not invented in the manga/anime Rurouni Kenshin. This type o

What is a 'cutlass'?

  A type of curved sword used by most sailors, including pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries.

What is the strongest katana a spring steel katana a high carbon steel katana a folded steel katana or a tamahagane steel katana?

First off, good question. I have seen many discussions both on-line and offline about this very topic.  Folding steel while forging blades is an old method used to improve th

Why would a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme idle high?

  1-Cold weather - normal operation. 2-Computer reset, especially after battery replacement. 3-Low coolant (antifreeze) level. 4-Stuck IAC. 5-Air conditioner turne

How old do you have to be to have a katana?

You should at least be 17 or 18. But if you want a katana as a decoration in your house, at least be careful with it. Probably...you have to be like 13 or mature enough to kee
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Why was the katana made?

During the Feudal era of Japan Katanas were created as a lethal weapon used by their elite cast of warriors, the Samurai. Such weapons were also created because of the lack of
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What is the kata for the katana?

  Japanese Kenjutsu does not use high flying, extremely "fancy" or "pretty" Katas; most of the Katas across all Kenjutsu schools, involve overhead slashes and stepping tec

When did the katana originate?

the katana originated in china before the 8th Century AD, and in the 9th-10th Centuries AD, had made its way to japan, in the period known as Joko-to. the sword at this time w
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What country is the katana from?

Although the "Katana" can mean any single edged sword it is iconic for the "Samurai Sword" which originated in Japan during the Muromachi Period (1392-1573). As I said, it is