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What would you call your nephews wife?

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niece by marriage
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What would you call your brother in law's wife?

Theoretically, your sister. If your sister marries, her husband is now your brother in law. So his wife would be your sister. If he has re-married, he is technically not yo

What do you call niece and nephew?

Your niece and nephew are the daughter and son, respectively, of your sister or brother. When talking about them, you may call them "my niece" or "my nephew" or something simi

What is a female nephew called?

The daughter of a person's brother or sister is that person's Niece The son of a person's brother or sister is that person's nephew

What was Julius Caesar's nephew called?

The emperor Augustus was Julius Caesar's great-nephew and adopted son. His name at birth was Gaius Octavius Thurinus; he was adopted by Gaius Julius Caesar (our "Julius Caesar

What do you call your sister-in-law's nephew?

If your sister-in-law is married to your brother or sister, her nephew may be your nephew. Otherwise her nephew is not blood related to you, But he is related by marriage to

Can you call your cousin's son your nephew?

Yes but they are really your cousin once removed. But i mean you nomral more older then them so they look at you as Aunt or Uncle and if you blood you just as much related to