What would you do if your 8 year old son insisted on trying on a pink satin nightshirt whilst you were out shopping?

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dont let him
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What do you do with an 11-year-old son that insists on wearing his sister's jeans and tops at home and has her teach him how to apply makeup?

Answer . \nMany young boys are interested in their sister's clothing. My brother wouldn't let my mom hem my skirts (he was the model) unless he could "twirl in them!" LOL He was your sons age. He use to steal my mom's bras as well and stuff them with toilet paper! LOL He is 56 years old, b (MORE)

What should you try if your 8-year-old son was diagnosed with ADD and you started him on 5mg of Ritalin but it did nothing?

Try alternative treatment first.. . \nI would first look into other possible solutions. My son (now 7 1/2) was diagnosed with ADHD a little over a year ago, after a few bad years of Preschool and Kindergarten. Not wanting to medicate him, I began researching alternative methods of treatment and (MORE)

Will your 8-year-old son get picked on if he takes ballet lessons?

Answer It all depends on what country you are planning for him to do ballet, and the socio-economic group your son, and yourself associate. Don't make the mistake that prejudice is not prevalent. I can only say this as I myself began ballet at age 8. I progressed, trained at on of the worlds bes (MORE)

What would you do if you caught your 8 year old son wearing his sisters nightshirt in town?

Well, is it a fashion statement or a dare or joke. You would have to ask him why he wore it. If he said because he wanted to, I guess there could be worse things he can do, like drugs or violence. Its only a piece of clothing so if it didnt bother him to do it, then it shouldn't bother you. I would (MORE)

Would you let your 8 year old son go out with his friends wearing nothing but his favourite white satin button through back blouse with no skirt or any underwear on?

Answer . Well, there are at home clothes and there are ones to go out in, and he should know the difference--but you might still have to insist. But if he actually went out dressed like this, he needs to come back in and change to clothing that is similar to everyone else. At 8, he should still (MORE)

Your 8 year old son insists on going out with his friends wearing nothing but his sisters white satin button back blouse with no skirt or any underwear on what should you do if you caught him in town.?

Answer . He's 8 and is going through a phase, if you don's say anything to him he will eventually stop doing that. Don't make a huge fuss. I use to baby sit a little boy about the same age who played with barbie's and loved the color pink. At first I would tell him no little boys don't play wit (MORE)

What would you do if your 12 year old son insisted on going out with his friends wearing one of his sisters favourite navy blue satin Chinese style dress with no underwear on?

GOOD answer . you should 1st find out why he wants to and if he does burn the dress. CORRECT ANSWER:. That is of course silly. He should be wearing a bra and panties at least and maybe a half slip and stockings. If he is going to wear a dress then he needs panties for sure and not boxer shorts (MORE)

How should you handle your 8 years old son who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder?

The best way of dealing with someone who has OCD has been suggested by research to be gradual exposure. For example, if they had problems touching something seen as "contaminated", a tissue for example, you could gradually encourage them to touch something touched by the tissue until they get used t (MORE)

Why would your 8-year-old girl always be crying?

Has she had a loss or big changes in her family? Sometimes children find this very difficult to deal with. Maybe she is being bullied at school? She might be bullied in school or something might be going on with her and her friends. Girls are experts on bullying so it doesn't show. it's all abo (MORE)

What would you do if your 9yr old son insisted on wearing one of his sisters favourite white satin frilled neck plain front button through back blouses with no skirt or underwear on outside.?

Don't let him go outside, but it's normal for him to want to do that, he's experimenting. I know this sounds kinda rude but it's his business and choice, if it doesn't hurt him then it's fine. Parents should learn that their children aren't their property but another living being with their own way (MORE)

How do you get your 8 year old son to remember all his homework books?

Tell him can't, for example watch T.V until he's got all his books. He needs a homework assignment notebook where he keeps all of hisassignments - then, when you get into the car, ask him to check hisnotebook and make certain he has everything he needs. Wait untilhe's certain before you leave schoo (MORE)

How and were can your 8 year old daughter try out to model for the kids magazine American Girl?

Unless the magazine is holding a nationwide search or model contest, your child's best bet is to be signed with a modeling agency that has a children's division and has such magazines like American Girl on their list of clients. Large publications almost always turn to professional modeling agenc (MORE)

What would you do If you caught your 8 year old son in town wearing a white satin button through back blouse with no skirt or underwear on which meant everyone could see his penis?

Talk to him, to see if he was bullied into it. Or maybe it was a dare. Make sure he knows what he did. Make him know it is differant from chucking food down the toilet and other stuff kids do. Only do this if you are angry thoug. If you are concerned you do really need to talk to him. It could be so (MORE)

Is it normal for your 8 year old son to have under arm pubic hair?

It's not something unnatural, although it is unusual. It just means that he may be going through puberty at a very early age.. A: . Pubic hair is situated around the genitals not under the arms so it would be very unusual to have it there indeed. He may just be entering puberty very early or he (MORE)

Would you let your 10 year old son go out wearing one of his sisters satin button through back blouses with no skirt or any underwear on to meet some of his friends who also do the same type of thing?

This sounds like a sex problem and not a gender problem. The heart of the question really lies in "with no skirt or underwear on": does this include pants yes or no? Are you saying he just wants to wear the top and nothing else girly? Are they doing anything they shouldn't be (beside the top)? Does (MORE)

What would you do if your 8 year old son insisted on going to school wearing the girls school uniform which consists of a white blouse and a grey pleated skirt?

Answer: if this is a serious request then you have to sit quietly with him and find out what he is thinking. It is not unknown for children to have gender identity problems. It might be worth exploring the matter further with a counselor. Answer: Do not assume anything; whether it is something (MORE)

Is your 8 stone 10-year-old son overweight?

We need to know the height of your 10-year-old son before we can answer your question. Weight is related to height and body composition rather than age. For more information about weight in relation to height, see the related question, further down this page, listed under Related Questions. Alternat (MORE)

What would you do if you caught your 8 year old son wearing one of his sisters satin nightshirts with no underwear on underneath it in school?

It is not uncommon for young boys to wear their sister's clothing. However, you should communicate with your son and ask him why he feels he needs to wear his sister's clothing and more importantly why he does not wear underwear at school. If you are not satisfied with his answer then you should see (MORE)

What if your son is 54 inches tall and 8 years old how much should he weigh?

Your son is a specific individual, and there are no charts that will tell you what he "should" weigh, any more than a chart can tell you what skin tone he "should" have. If you've health concerns, take your son to the doctor. The doctor can then let you know what he believes would be a weight app (MORE)

How do you get your 8 year old son to start eating more than chicken nuggets?

I gave him calamari and he ate it! And liked it. Next move to fish sticks. Make sure the nuggets are baked not fried. If he wants nuggets then tell him he must have 7 bites of vegetables, it works. Have fruit and vegetable juices with the nuggets. Try not to fret, I'm sure your son is a bright, hea (MORE)

How would you react if you caught your 11 year old son trying on a satin nightshirt and you could see that he'd no underwear on underneath it in a shop?

Well, I'd first discuss (quickly) that he needed to at least wear something under it while trying it on. After you send him back to put on at least underwear, I would have a short discussion about the fact that if you don't buy that piece of clothing, it was very rude to do that - what person would (MORE)

Why would your 8 year old be having breast pains?

Breast pains at a young age means that the skin and chest are preparing for the puberty stage of breasts. The pain means they might be larger also try telling her to apply lotion to help the stretch be less painful. If you seriously the measure her right through her nipples and then in a week see (MORE)

Can your eleven year old mind your year old whilst you go shopping?

Yes, as i am a mother myself and im 29 years old and i have a 13 year old girl a 8 year old boy a 7 year old boy and a 2 year old boy and my daughter is perfectly capable of looking after the youngest boy as the other to are capable of doing there own things but she fulling knows not to let anyone o (MORE)

Can your 8 year old son decide not to go to his fathers house We live in texas?

No, not without the other parent being found in contempt of court if the father decides to file such an action. That can lead to the mother incurring fines, jail time and even custody modification to favor the father if the contempt becomes chronic. However, Texas is unique in that it greatly enc (MORE)

What does it mean if your 12 year old son likes trying on your high heeled shoes?

It could just be him goofing off or just trying to figure out why girls wear such shoes. My brother, who was 13 at the time, would try on my sisters high heels, but it was just as a joke and he'd try to walk in them for fun. Perhaps that's all your son is doing, too. At 12, he probably has no id (MORE)