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two thirds of gross averaged for the previos 2 months or so in new york
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How do you start a workman's comp claim?

  Answer     Workman's Compensation Insurance is governed by state laws. Each state has it's own procedures for applying and being qualified for a compensatory or

Why is workman's comp insurance important and how are workman's compensation premiums calculated?

  Answer   Workers' compensation is important to protect employer's from the costs of on the job accidents of their employees. It is also important because it protec

Do you claim workman's comp on your income taxes?

Workers comp payments should be reported to you via a form 1099 which is also furnished to IRS. If payments are reimbursements for medical treatment and or travel expenses for

Would workman's comp cover salmonella from a work luncheon?

  Answer   Answer Workmans Compensation is there to cover men and women who are injured on the job. If you ate something for lunch and got sick from it, workmans c

Can you contribute to an IRA with workman's comp?

The initial requirement is that a person gains taxable income to  initiate an IRA. Exceptions include workerman's comp, social  security, or disability. However, there is a

Can you make income while receiving workman's comp?

Not legally Certainly. WC has two components: 100% coverage of med expenses for workplace injury and insurance benefits that pay for lost work time if incapacitated from doin

Can you file taxes even if your income is WORKMAN'S COMP and you have 4 dependents?

Amounts you receive as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are fully exempt from tax if they are paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute i

Can you receive workman's comp and your salary?

Generally a person can only received workman's compensation when they are disabled on the job, and subsequently are unable to perform said job for a period of time. If the per

Can you claim workman's comp for stress?

If you are able to prove that undue stress was caused by your job then you may be able to make a workman's compensation claim. This is not what workman's compensation insuranc