What would you use a document camera for?

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Copying large documents. Document cameras are designed to make very sharp, undistorted images of flat objects from close up.
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What would you normally use a document scanner for?

You use a document scanner to make a copy of a document or you can use optical character recognition to put a printed copy in your computer so you can edit a copy. They come i

Would you use a HD video camera?

I would love to use a HD video. Hd is wonderful to watch but also makes me feel very accomplished when I have created with it. I think that it can make amateurs like myself pr
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What would be the use of a pet camera?

A pet camera is a small digital video camera which is attached to an animals collar. This gives the owner an insight into what the animal does when the owner is not around.
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What would a cat camera be used for?

Cat cameras are used to capture the nature of outdoor activities that a cat may partake in. It's basically used as a research device that records the activity and behavior of