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What year did David Clayton Thomas cut an album with Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies?

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Linda Ronstadt-David Clayton Thomas David Clayton Thomas / Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Poneys Back On The Street Again / 1971 / Pickwick SPC-3245. It was a compilation of tunes each recorded separately combined on one album.
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Is Linda Ronstadt sick?

  Nope   There's no reason to think so -- she's lined up to perform at a couple of festivals in the coming months. 

What songs did Linda Ronstadt sing?

you're no good   when will i be loved   heat wave   blue bayou   its so easy   ooh baby baby   hurt so bad   somewhere out there   don't know m

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How old is David Clayton-Thomas?

David Clayton-Thomas is 69 years old (birthdate: September 13, 1941).

Is linda ronstadt a lesbian?

The answer to that is, nobody knows for sure. But you should still treat that person with kindness and respect because they are really no different from you. God made everyone