What year did Erwin Schrodinger make the Electron cloud model?

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Which atomic model did erwin schrodinger create?

Schrödinger's wave equation was based on the Heisenberg uncertainty principal that the position and velocity of a electron cannot be determined accurately (accuracy in one will sacrifice accuracy in another). Schrödinger's wave equation gave a wave function, which squared gave the probability (MORE)

Who came up with the electron cloud model of the atom?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt is hard to give credit to one single person. Here are some of the important people and their discoveries that led up to this model:\n \n \n Ernest Rutherford found that the atom is mostly empty space with a very small but heavy nucleus in the center.\n \n Niels Bohr (MORE)

What is the electron cloud model?

An electron cloud is a visual model of the most probable locations of electrons in an atom. The cloud is denser where you will probably find an electron. The electron cloud model is used to describe the possible locations of electrons around the nucleus.. The electron cloud model was developed by E (MORE)

How can you create a electron cloud model?

There are things called group and period. the groups are basically used for the electron dot diagram. the period is used for the cloud model. there are 7 periods. for example, Sodium is in period 3, so sodium has 3 energy levels. draw a circle. the circle is your nucleus. then draw another circle ar (MORE)

What did Erwin Schrodinger contribute to science?

He contributed to the atomic theory, which was originally thought of by John Dalton. . This is the Atomic Theory: . 1 Each element is composed of extremely small particles called atoms. . 2 All atoms of a given element are identical. . 3 Atoms of different elements have different (MORE)

What did Erwin Schrodinger discover?

He discovered the electron cloud model theory and made the Sschrodinger equation, which is the foundation for the quatum mechanics in its wave formation. He aslo had a partner named Wermer Heisenburg.

What is the difference in the Bohr model and the electron cloud model?

Bohr's model depicts electrons in orbit around the nucleus. the electron cloud model shows orbitals within which an electron most likely is at any given time (the movement of electrons are random, and sometimes they get out of their orbital...i'm not making this up!). the electron cloud model (MORE)

What atomic theory did Erwin Schrodinger discover?

Schrödinger's wave equation was based on the Heisenberg uncertainty principal that the position and velocity of a electron cannot be determined accurately (accuracy in one will sacrifice accuracy in another). Schrödinger's wave equation gave a wave function, which squared gave the probability (MORE)

Which scientist came up with the electron cloud model of an atom?

In 1926, austrian physicist erwin schrodinger wondered why electrons had to be limited to specific orbitals as proposed by neils bohr. He proposed a new model in which electron move in cloudlike orbits rather than fixed ones. He said it is impossible to know the exact location of electrons. The best (MORE)

What did Schrodinger do?

He came up with an amazing equation that describes very small things, and proposed a ridiculous thought experiment.

Why is the electron cloud model accepted?

Because it best fits the experimental data. From a layman's perspective (the layman being me, not necessarily you), the reasoning is thus: Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle states that we cannot know both the position and the trajectory of a particle, because in the act of observing the particle (MORE)

How do you make a electron cloud model of nitrogen?

This is basic 8th grade science but.... You put the protons in the middle and the neutrons in the middle with it and then put the electrons - valence electrons in the outside and the valence electrons on the outside line. Sorry if that is too confusing, doing my science project that's due tomorro (MORE)

Did Erwin Schrodinger contribute to the electron cloud atomic model?

Yes, he did he came up with the Schrodinger's equation which helped predict and calculate the energy of atoms as electrons move around. His equation gave a wave function, which squared gave the probability cloud of electrons. So his contribution resulted in the electron cloud model of the atom.

How do the Bohr model electron cloud model and Dalton's model relate to each other?

Dalton didn't really know (or much care) anything about atomic structure; as far as he was concerned, they were basically little indivisible blobs with hooks or something on them that allowed them to attach to each other. The Bohr model pictured atoms as effectively little "solar systems" with th (MORE)

Describe the electron cloud model of an atom?

The term "electron cloud" was coined by an American physicist named Richard Feynman. The electron cloud model is a visual representation of the possible locations of electrons in an atom. It is known that electrons are found on orbitals around the nucleus and this model visually allows us to picture (MORE)

Where did Erwin Schrodinger live?

Vienna, Austria is where Erwin Schrodinger was born and where hedied. In between, he lived for a while in Zurich, Switzerland;Berlin, Germany; Oxford, England; Graz, Austria; and Dublin,Ireland.

When did Erwin Schrodinger live?

Erwin Schrodinger, the Austrian physicist, lived from August 12,1887 to January 4, 1961. He passed away in Vienna, Austria at theage of 73.

According to the electron cloud model of the atom an orbital is a?

Let me preface this by saying I don't know what answer your teacher expects. All I know is the right answer. So you might want to check your textbook before handing this in, is all I'm saying. An orbital is a probability density function that, effectively, describes the probability of the electron (MORE)

What was erwin schrodinger and werner heisenberg's theory?

Schrodinger came up the Schrodinger Equation. Which is the foundation for quantum mechanics in its wave formulation. Heisenberg is most famous for his uncertainty principle. Which basically says that certain parts of observables cannot be known simultaneously with an arbitrary precision.

Why is the current atomic model call the Electron Cloud Model?

this answer could be very complicated, but I'll make it as simple as possible. because electrons move so fast and are so small, we don't really have any reliable way of knowing exactly where an electron is at any precise moment. so scientists have simply determined that there is a certain perimeter (MORE)

How did erwin schrodinger come up with his atomic theory?

Erwin Schrodinger familiarized himself with the quantum theory workof Plank and Einstein. His move to Germany allowed contact withHermann Weyl who put a mathematical spin on the atomic structureallowing him to envision energy asa statistical concept.

What awards did Erwin Schrodinger win?

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1933 was awarded jointly to Erwin Schrödinger and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac "for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory"

How does the electron cloud model for atomic electrons differ from the planetary model?

Unlike the planetary model's description of an atomic electron's position, the electron cloud model takes into account the quantum mechanical result known as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle basically tells us that the more certain we are of a particle's posit (MORE)

What evidence did Erwin Schrodinger have to support is theory?

When Schrodinger applied his mathematical formulae to the permitted states of an electron in a hydrogen atom, he found they perfectly matched the Bohr Model, which had perfectly predicted hydrogen spectral lines. For Schrondinger, that was good enough for him to publish his work. Max Born later show (MORE)

What is the similarties between athe bohr model and the electron cloud?

The Bohr model happens to be discovered by Niels Bohr of course and it shows the atom in a version with energy levels where as the electron cloud model shows the nucleus with its neutrons and protons but the electrons are very detailed and are situated within a area around the nucleus. Electrons mov (MORE)

Who was schrodinger?

Erwin Schrodinger was born 1887 in Vienna and died in 1961, also in Vienna. He was a Physicist and one of the fathers of Quantum Mechanics. His primary area of concentration was Wave Theory. He won the Nobel Physics Prize in 1933 along with Dirac. As a matter for further study, he was also the 'fath (MORE)

Why is the quantum mechanical model also called the electron cloud model?

The classical model implies a planetary model, where the electrons' orbit is predictable and stable about the nucleus. However, we should observe their angular momentum to be the value of h when we find the real value to be zero. We also should see electrons spiraling towards the nucleus, thus ren (MORE)