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What year did unemployment benefits start to be taxed?

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1987 was the first year that unemployment compensation was fully taxable. how did it come to be (enacted) a demacrat ? or a joint venture?
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In Ohio are you allowed to withdraw after tax distribution from a 401K after you have started drawing unemployment from the same company you worked for without disrupting your unemployment benefits?

I took money out of my 401K and lost my benefits for a five months. So did any of my group who were laid off who took any money out. We are all from ohio. I am not sure how th

What tax form do you use if you had unemployment benefits in 2008?

Unemployment benefits are reported to you on Form 1099-G (Certain Government Payments). If you had unemployment benefits, you can file any of the 1040 series . Form 1040EZ

Are taxes taken out of unemployment benefits?

No, it is optional, You can avoid a big lump-sum tax bill on April 15 by paying quarterly estimated taxes on your unemployment income. A new legislative bill called the "JOBLE

What do you do if your unemployment benefit year runs out?

When your benefit year runs out you can apply for an extension. The unemployment office will determine if you qualify and should apply for the federal or state extended benefi

Can you file a tax return with just unemployment benefits as an income?

Not only can you file a tax return with just unemployment benefits, but in some cases you have to. Unemployment benefits are considered income, and as long as your income is