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What year was France invaded during World War 2?

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1940. Germany and Italy
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Was Sweden invaded by Germany during World War 2?

Answer   No. Both sides found it useful to have a few neutral countries. Sweden acted as a 'clearing house' for mail and parcels between Britain and the Continent. It too

Why did Germany invade France during World War 1?

Why, because of train time tables that's why. Pre 1914 the European  great powers were divided into two camps:- Russia, France and  Britain in one and Germany, Italy and Aus

Why did Germany not invade Malta during World War 2?

cuz no one likes malta. Answer. Good question. Germany and Italy bombed Malta quite extensively. I'm not sure if the Germans had the landing craft and support fleet that cou

Who did italy invade during World War 2?

The only country i know they invaded was Abyssinia(ethiopia) although that was pre WW2 1935-36. I never heard of any countries that Italy itself invaded although i believe i r