What year was Radio Shack founded?

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1921 .............in Boston Massachusetts. :-)
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Did Radio Shack buy Radio 437?

Radio 437 was sold to the, at the time, expanding presence of Jefferson Hospital in the mid-1980s. As with most small independent electronic stores, Radio 437 was slowly loosing to big box electronics stores, such as RadioShack. I'm not sure what store front occupies the current storefront, but it w (MORE)

How do you program a radio shack digital scanner?

As radio scanners or police scanners as they are commonly referred to continue to evolve and be produced by companies so do the instructions for the scanners so it is quite difficult to answer with one specific set of instructions without having more information on the type of scanner. One can ei (MORE)

Starting wage of radio shack?

This is incorrect. I, being a manager for RadioShack can confirm that Part-Timers make $6.55 base pay and full-timers $7.00 base pay. The rest is performance based where you get commission. Answer $7.15 \ hour minimum + commission for sales position

How old to work at radio shack?

16 with a working permit unless you know the manager and they let you work at 14 but you will still need a working permit.. 16 with a working permit unless you know the manager and they let you work at 14 but you will still need a working permit.. 16 with a working permit unless you know the manag (MORE)

Radio shack manager salary?

The average straight salary for a manager at RadioShack is $31,686per year. The average annual salary with bonuses added in is$36,284.

Radio shack Spanish?

Not quite sure what the question is but there are Radio Shacks in Mexico, and there are numerous spanish speaking people in the company.

Does Radio Shack fix iPods?

Depending on the Radio Shack we can check to see if the Ipod can be sent out for repair. Its a 20 dollar deposit then the cost to repair once it is sent back. A better idea is to contact the manufacturer, Apple, since they would stock any parts in need of replacement, and would also honor the war (MORE)

How do you program a Radio Shack remote?

How do you program the Radio Shack Universal Remote. The item Cat. No. 15-302 came with a list of codes. I have the codes. I do not have the manual. ==== Follow the 'Related Link' below for the manual.

What is the phone number for radio shack?

The main number forRadio Shack is 1-800-the-shac. Or if you are looking for a specific store you would have to go to www.yellowpages.com and enter the information needed.

Radio shack open on Sunday?

Most Radio shacks are only open till 6 pm it depends on the area you are in. I suggest calling the store in question to ask what their hours of operation are.

Salary for a radio shack manager in Arkansas?

They Make about $30,000 a year plus store performance bonuses. So your looking at about $35,000 / year. Not really worth it for all of the aggravations. Avery bad company to work for . Worked there myself as a store manager for 6 yrs and I felt stuck; no room for advancement same pay every year. The (MORE)

What year was love shack?

Love Shack is a song by the band B52's. It was on the album Cosmic Thing and was released in 1989.

How to get Radio Shack employee W2?

There is a form searchable on My Answers within the local radioshack intranet. Search w2 form, and it should pop up. You'll have to fax it into the corporate office.

What time does radio shack close on Sunday?

Their hours are not uniform throughout the chain. Each store manager has a lot of leeway regarding the hours he keeps. You'd have to check with the individual store. (You can do that on-line, as there is a common website for the whole chain, where each store lists its hours.)

How do you pragram a Radio Shack pro-75?

you can PROGRAM it by following the directions here: http://support.radioshack.com/support_electronics/59448.htm P.s. it helps if you can spell PROGRAM (not pragram).

What days is radio shack open?

Go to their website ... < www.radioshack.com > . There you'll find a look-up for every store in the country, probably including the one near you, including their days and hours of operation, along with their phone-number, which you can call to confirm the info you get from the website.

How much does radio shack charge for shipping?

That depends on the weight of the items you need shipped, and how far they have to go to reach you. The supplier will tell you the cost of shipping when they know what you're buying and where you live. You may also have a choice of how fast you need it and how you want it shipped. If so, (MORE)

Does radio shack have a r4i card?

No, but you can get them from dscardworld (Google them). Fast and tracked/insured shipping in the US. Delivered to your door in 2-4 days.

Does radio shack repair phones?

DO NOT GO TO RADIO SHACK. Had my equipment sent out for repair and it was damaged during shipping by radio shack. Still not working and now damaged.

How does a radio shack employee transfer stores?

I think, with any transfer, it to call the store you want to be transfered in, ask for a manager and go from there. Don't forget to tell your current manager that you are looking to be transfered and so they know they need to prepare to look for a replacement.

Can I buy an Acer computer at Radio Shack?

At radio shack you currently can buy the acer 20in monitor, which comes in silver. Or you can purchase the acer aspire laptop, which comes in black. And for a very reasonable price.

Can you buy an HDMI adapter at Radio Shack?

Yes Radio Shack sells HDMI adapters. However they are slightly more expensive there and a better solution is to buy them online because there you will get the same thing for maybe $5 rather than spending $30-$40 on a small HDMI adapter.

How does radio shack stay in business?

Well, radio shack sells the latest in technology. You can find a lot there. Maybe their customer service isnt as great, but i guess it is because of their products.

Does radio shack sell atenna balls?

"Yes and No, it varies on what the store has in its stock inventory. Also depends on location of the stores depending on the country you live in as some don't carry the item."

What type of services does Radio Shack offer?

Radio Shack is mostly known as a retail electronics store, but it also offers parts and repairs for various electronics including cell phones and computers. More information on the specific services offered can be obtained by visiting a Radio Shack store.

What can be bought at Radio Shack?

Items that can be purchased at Radio Shack include telephones, computers, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), radios, batteries and almost any other electronic product that can be imagined. They also offer components for the electrical hobbyist such as wiring, cables, connectors, antennas and fuses.

Where can one find Radio Shack phones?

One can find Radio Shack phones at Radio Shack. They have them there for sale for moderately reasonable prices and sometimes they will have good deals.

What are the store hours for Radio Shack?

Store hours vary from location to location with a chain like Radio Shack. However, a general rule is that the majority of the stores open at 9 or 10 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.

What phones are sold by Radio Shack?

Radio Shack offers a lot of different phones. Radio Shack have the Samsung Galaxy II and the Huawei Mercy Ice as well. Radio Shack offer phones from Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

In what year was XM Satellite Radio founded?

XM Satellite Radio was founded in 1988, however service did not launch until September 25, 2001. In July 29, 2008 XM Satellite Radio merged with its competitor Sirius Satellite radio.

Where is Radio Shack Canada based?

The original Radio Shack is based in the United States of America. However they do have locations in Canada which have been closed down. The Canadian stores now go under the name 'The Source.'