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Nov. 1947
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How legal is the CIA?

Answer The CIA is suppose to follow the law, however it is unknown, but to only a few if they are doing illegal activities.

What does the CIA do?

Its mission is to collect and correlate intelligence abroad , provide direction and coordination of foreign intelligence and such other duties as the President directs.

How much money does a CIA make a year?

The salary range for a CIA agent is $52,976 to $81,204 per year.However some CIA agents can earn up to $100,000 per year.

How can you get into the CIA?

The first think to do is go to www.cia.gov web page (see below in links), then click the link careers. Then, choose a job and fill the aplication. The CIA doesn't accept resumes; You need to fill their own resume format. If you are compatible, they will call you and conduct a phone interview with you. If you able to pass it they will send you the application package. Interestingly, in Jan. of 2009, the CIA opened up the greatest known number of now job positions ever. What to study: Start by studying the subjects recommended by the CIA, these are: science, engineering, languages, analytics and support Services. Decide on the subject you enjoy most and chose a 4 year bachelors degree, as this is required. It is important that you are fluent in more than one language. One of your languages will most likely be English as you must be a US Citizen. Only then will they consider you for any position.

Where is the cia?

the CIA has headquarters everywhere but the two main places are in Langley VA. and Washington dc.

How do you get in the CIA?

In order to work for the Agency you need to have linguistic skills, prior military experience, or computer skills.

Then why are there CIA offiCIAls?

Countries need to protect themselves from attacks and spying from other countries. They almost all have an external security force such as the British MI6 and the US CIA. The CIA only has a mandate to act outside of the United States and against people who are not citizens of the USA. If they need to work against US citizens or they need to do their job inside the USA then they require the prior apporval of the FBI. . This answer does not take into account peoples personal opinion of the CIA, its failures or its successes, nor should it.

What does CIA mean?

The Central Intelligence Agency is known as the CIA, as is theCulinary Institute of America. It's usually easy to tell them apartfrom the context of the sentence.

When was the CIA started?

July 26th, 1947 is the official date the CIA was created. . President Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947, creating the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Council. The CIA is accountable to the president through the NSC -there is no democratic or congressional oversight. Its charter allows the CIA to "perform such other functions and duties as the National Security Council may from time to time direct." This loophole opens the door to covert action and dirty tricks.

Who founded the Democratic Party and in what year was it founded?

The Democrat-Republican Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and contemporaries approximately in 1792. It was reformulated after the War of 1812 as the modern Democratic Party by Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren after the party split over who would succeed President Monroe.

How can you be in the CIA if you are 16 years old?

You must be at least 18 to work for the CIA. There are internships you could do for them in college, but you must live in Washington DC.

In which year CIA started?

History of the CIA . The United States has carried out intelligence activities since the days of George Washington, but only since World War II have they been coordinated on a government-wide basis. President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed New York lawyer and war hero, William J. Donovan, to become first the Coordinator of Information, then, after the US entered World War II, become head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in 1942. The OSS - the forerunner to the CIA - had a mandate to collect and analyze strategic information. After World War II, however, the OSS was abolished along with many other war agencies and its functions were transferred to the State and War Departments.. It did not take long before President Truman recognized the need for a postwar, centralized intelligence organization. To make a fully functional intelligence office, Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 establishing the CIA. The National Security Act charged the CIA with coordinating the nation's intelligence activities and correlating, evaluating and disseminating intelligence affecting national security.. On December 17, 2004, President George W. Bush signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act which restructured the Intelligence Community by abolishing the position of Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) and creating the position the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA). The Act also created the position of Director of National Intelligence (DNI), which oversees the Intelligence Community and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).. REF: https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/history-of-the-cia/index.html

Does CIA fails?

yes the CIA does fail and has not succeeded on a couple things but all you hear about in the media is them failing so when you don't hear anything you know that they have succeeded

How do you become a CIA?

you don't become a CIA you become a CIA operative/agent and you have to go through the application proses on their website (cia.gov)

When was the CIA founded?

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was formed in 1947. The CIAreports to the Director of National Intelligence and is the onlyindependent intelligence agency in the United States.

Can a 13 year old be in the CIA?

No, It Violates several Laws and constiutions. However, it may be possible for them to help the CIA in certain situations as "Outside assistance". Added: EXTREMELY UNLIKELY and SO REMOTE AS TO BE IMPOSSIBLE Any 'on-the-books' employee of the CIA is a US federal government employee and must first meet the criteria to be employed in the federal civil service. Somene that age would is not even be old enough to apply for a 'work permit' in any of the US states.

Who is CIA?

Acronym for Central Intelligence Agency. also Spanish for Company ( Compania) used something like (INC) often the agency is referred to as (The Company) or La Compania). serious business, here.

How many years does it take in forensic CIA masters degree?

Typically, a masters can take approximately two to three years depending on the specific program of study, the curriculum layout, and the institution course and credit mandates.

What year was Kwanzaa founded and who found it?

Dr. Maulana Keranga founded the celebration of Kwanzaa, during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. In the good doctor's own book entitled: Kwanzaa, A Celebration of Family Community and Culture, he speaks of the first Kwanzaa celebration in Los Angeles in 1966. Primary research...check for your self!

Origins of the CIA?

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was formed during WWII as the first US central intelligence gathering agency. In times of war, correct intelligence is priceless. After WWII, it was disbanded, but with the beginning of the Cold War, the US began the CIA to continue intelligence gathering throughout the world in order to preserve our freedoms

Can a 9 year old enter the CIA or any spy team?

No, you have to have a college degree, military background as well as determination. You can only pretend big guy

Who founded the Pizza Hut and what year was it founded?

The first Pizza Hut was opened on May 31, 1958, by brother Dan and Frank Carney. The restaurant was funded with $600 borrowed from their mother.

Who is the father of the CIA?

The "Father of the CIA" was US Army Major General William J. Donovan, who formed and headed the OSS during WWII.

What is CIA KGB?

The CIA is a United States intelligence agency. It stands for Central Intelligence Agency. The KGB is similar except they operated for the Soviet Union during the Cold War. KGB is an acronym that means Комитет государственной безопасности ​ or Committee for State Security.

Job of the CIA?

The Jobs at CIA can be divided into different categories. The jobs at CIA can range from analysis to geography/cartography. Jobs can be legal services, clandestine service, library services, engineering, logistics services, medical services and facilities services. Other types of jobs at CIA can be Science, Technology and Weapons, graphics/multimedia, support services, student opportunities. Within these categories there are other sub categorical jobs as well. Category such as Analysis has sub jobs such as Military Analysis, Economic Analysis etc. The medical services jobs include clinical psychologists,medical officers, environmental safety officers and operational psychologists. The Engineering section at CIA has opportunities for people grounded in Computer Forensics, security and Enterprise Systems.

What is cia triangle?

CIA triangle stand for confidentiality,integrity and availability.. confidentiality mean that only relavant information given to relavant people.. integrity mean data must be available in original form.. availability mean when we need data,it is available for use for information purpose to take decisions.

How can you be part of the CIA?

by going through the application proses on their website but i would recommend doing your homework and figuring out what you wanna do that is also on their website (cia.gov)

Who was head of the CIA?

The very first Director of Central Intelligence was Rear Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter (May 8, 1897-June 18, 1982) . See more information at the related Wikipedia link, listed below:

When was the CIA was formed?

The creation of the U.S. Central Intelligence AGENCY was authorized by the NationalSecurity Act of 1947 (NSA), which authorized creation of the thenew position 'Secretary of Defense '(instead of the former 'War'), the new National Security Council(NCS), and a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - all signed intolaw by President Harry S. Truman on 26/07/1947 (26Jul1947). Thesecond National Security Act of 1949, two years later, essentiallydefined the "Black-Ops" budget responsibility and authority for theU.S. intelligence community. The CIA Agency structure was born in theearlier "Central Intelligence Group" (CIG) and, according to theCIA Center for the Study of Intelligence, the CIGbecame the Central Intelligence Agency on September 18,1947 . EARLY PLAYERS AT CIG and CIA: Before that date, two persons held the title 'Director-CentralIntelligence (DCI)' which causes some confusion. First 'DCI' was acivilan Naval Reserve Admiral, Sidney Souers (5-months), a personalfriend of President Truman, before he served as the first ExecutiveSecretary of the National Security Council --- and the second'DCI', then Army-Air Force Lt. Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg (18-months). On 18Sep1947, former Navy Secretary James Forrestal became thefirst Secretary of Defense. The former U.S. Army-Air Force wassplit into two entities by the same congressional Act; creating anew "Dept of the Air Force". DCI Vandenberg left the CIG and becamethe first 'Air Force Chief of Staff'. He was replaced by the third'Director-Central Intelligence' (but arguably the 'first' Directorof the Central Intelligence Agency ), U.S.Navy Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter a former intelligence officer onCNO Admiral King's staff; who was succeeded by Gen. Walter Bedell"Beatle" Smith on 7Oct1950, Truman's Ambassador to the Soviet Unionand Gen. Eisenhower's former Chief of Staff during WW-II. Smith appointed the very first 'Deputy Director-CentralIntelligence (DDCI)', the well known New York attorney, WilliamHarding Jackson. It should be noted that while Jackson was thefirst DDCI at the Agency . There wasanother Deputy Director of Central Intelligence at CIA'spredecessor organization, the Central Intelligence Group. BrigadierGeneral Edwin K. Wright, a former 9th Air Force briefing officerunder then Major General Hoyt Vandenberg at Eagle-Tac forwardheadquarters in Luxembourg 1944-45, served as the first Acting DDCI at Group (CIG) under bothVandenberg and Hillenkoetter. Further, General Omar N. Bradley, Vandenberg, then Colonel Wright,Colonel Jackson, Lt. Col. Rosengarten, Brigadier Genreral JohnEisenhower (Ike's son) and Brigadier General Edwin L. Sibert hadall served during WW-II at the same duty location at Eagle-Tac HQin 1944 Luxembourg. There, Colonel William Harding Jackson workedwith the cover-title Deputy Chief G-2 Intelligence for 12th ArmyGroup. In reality, Col. Jackson was the OSS/SSU X-2 Chief of FieldIntelligence for the super-sceret X-2 section of the former Officeof Strategic Services (OSS) involved in both counter-intelligenceand counter-espionage. His deputy, Lt. Col. Dolph Rosengarten alsoworking under cover on the 1st Army staff. The two men headed upfield operations for the ULTRA program with direct connections toBritish SIS sections MI-5 and MI-6 and their covert SpecialOperations Executive. Collectively, several of these men were grooming Sibert, former12th Army Group Chief of G-2 Intelligence on Bradley's staff tobecome Deputy Director to replace Jackson at CIA in 1951. Sibertnever got the chance. Instead, General Sibert, who was working onthe CIG staff under Wright at the time, was rushed off to theCaribbean to train the Agressor Force for assault troops destinedfor MacArthur's sea-land invasion at Inchon, Korea during theKorean crisis. General Smith and Bill Jackson brought in Allen W.Dulles, former OSS X-2 Mission Chief at Bern, Switzerland (1944-45)to serve initially as CIA Deputy Director/Plans (covert ops). BothDulles and Jackson had reported directly to Brigadier GeneralWilliam "Wild Bill" Donovan in the NYC HQ (and later, theWashington HQ) of the OSS during the war. In 1951, Jackson returned to his position as Managing Director forthe J.H. Whitney & Co in New York. Allen Dulles then succeededBill Jackson in the summer of 1951 as the second DDCI at the Agencyunder Gen. Smith and Truman, and later became Director of theAgency upon Smith's retirement in 1953-54. In summary, essentially the same group of men led the U.S.intelligence effort throughout the four-years of WW-II and foranother 15+ years at NSA & CIA under the National Security Actsof 1947 and 1949, until Director Dulles was relieved by JFK overthe failed Bay of Pigs incident.

When was the first CIA?

The CIA evolved out of the old Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and was chartered in September of 1947.

Who owns the CIA?

The American people own the CIA, as we are in control of all public offices and supply all the funds to support government entities. The entire government would be out of a job if no one voted. See the related Wikipedia link listed below for more information:

How do you hack into the CIA?

I would advise you not to even try there is no way you would get in and if you did the whole CIA would be after you.

What preceded the CIA?

The Office of Strategic Services preceded the CIA. Below is a link to the CIA.gov website which states: What Was OSS? . America's entry into the war in December 1941 provoked new thinking about the place and role of COI. Donovan and his new office-with its $10 million budget, 600 staffers, and its charismatic director-had provoked hostility from the FBI, the G-2, and various war agencies. The new Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) initially shared this distrust, regarding Donovan, a civilian, as an interloper-but one they might be able to control and utilize if COI could be placed under JCS control. Surprisingly, Donovan himself, by now, was inclined to agree. Working with the Secretary of the JCS, Brig. Gen. Walter B. Smith, Donovan devised a plan to bring COI under the JCS in a way that would preserve the office's autonomy while winning it access to military support and resources. President Roosevelt endorsed the idea of moving COI to the Joint Chiefs. The President, however, wanted to keep COI's Foreign Information Service (which conducted radio broadcasting) out of military hands. Thus he split the "black" and "white" propaganda missions, giving FIS the officially attributable side of the business-and half of COI's permanent staff-and sent it to the new Office of War Information. The remainder of COI then became the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) on 13 June 1942. The change of name to OSS marked the loss of the "white" propaganda mission, but it also fulfilled Donovan's wish for a title that reflected his sense of the "strategic" importance of intelligence and clandestine operations in modern war..

How do kids get in to the CIA?

In real life they don't. You watch too much television. :P this dudes a dumb asss, besides to become an operative you need to be extremely skilled

Where do the CIA get there equipment?

They purchase the latest and greatest from vendors selling new equipment they would use and they have some of it specifically made for them too. Now that I have told you I will have to kill myself. I am kidding. We can be thankful to the companies who have dedicated their brains and funding to creating the equipment we need to keep our country safe and the nations of the world safe too.

What does a CIA spy do?

They aren't referred to as 'spies'. The official title is Operations Officer (OO). Many movies and books portray CIA OO's as super-spies (invincible, able to do anything, ect.) Truth is they aren't out spying on high end criminals (most of the time) and seducing beautiful women and driving an Aston martin like James bond. Most CIA OO's are stationed in places like Afghanistan gathering counter-terrorism information. I also hope you have realized that James bonds gadgets are COMPLETELY 120% fictional.

How do you apply for the CIA?

to apply to the CIA you need to go onto their website (cia.org) and go through the application process there they will explain the details to you but as they warn you on the website they do in dept background checks that could take a month to a year so if you are looking for work soon you are looking into the wrong business but that is how they get the best of the best

If you smoked marijuana when you were 12 years old can you still join the CIA?

Yes... Added: Yes. . . probably . The fact of the matter is that all applicants for the CIA undergo a rigorous polygraph examination on past drug usage, and MANY other topics. Do not try to lie or "weasel" on any of the questions or answers. Just be truthful and if they refer to your answer on a particular question be perfectly honest about it. Anything less than that will disqualify you. In the end your possible employment may hinge on the cumulative answers to more than just THAT topic. If, over the course of the entire interrogation, too much cumulative doubt is raised . . . . .

What is the purpose of the CIA?

To gather intelligence on all things alien to the united states, conduct research into these subjects, and if required act upon the intelligence gathered. Basically find out everything possible about as much as possible so the American government and people have the best knowledge possible to make decisions that could influence the world.

What is the mission of the CIA?

The main mission of the CIA is to collect and analyse foreign information concerning America's security.

Where was the CIA founded?

There were many military and civilian precursor groups, but the CIA was founded in Washington, DC; when President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act (P.L. 80-235, 61 Stat 496), on July 26, 1947.

What is the CIA and what do they do?

The CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency. Its main job is tocollect and analyze foreign information concerning the US. Theirheadquarters is in Langley, VA. They have been accused of torture,and assassinations.

What year was Colorado founded and who founded it?

Colorado became a US state on August 1, 1876 when President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting the state of Colorado to the Union as the 38th state.

How can you get in the CIA?

What branch are you looking for.. for obvious reasons they can't answer this question.. go to website and get the facts

Is there a English cia?

Yes there is however it is called MI6 not the CIA but they do a very similar job and are as secretive

What year was Mexico founded and who founded it for kids?

It has been founded three times: . In 1325 when the Aztec civilization founded their capital city,Mexico-Tenochtitlan. . In 1521 when Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortesconquered the Aztecs and founded the New Spain, a territorybelonguing to the Spanish crown. . Finally, in 1821 when Vicente Guerrero and Agustin de Iturbide,former adversaries during the Mexican war of independence, joinedforces thus consolidating the independence of Mexico as a newcountry.

Who found the titanic and what year was it found?

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What are facts about the CIA?

there are lots of tv shows and movies based on it and organisations similar to it.

Is it true that there is some CIA report that predicts that Israel will fall in 20 years?

Answer 1. This does not seem credible. Based upon recent instability in the region, Israel is probably the only country in that region which is certain to still be around in twenty years. Answer2. The situation with this "report" is strange. Hundreds of Arab and pro-Arab Internet sites and blogs, from [Source 1] are actively discussing the "CIA report", which "predicts" that Israel will fall in 20 years. Type it in Google, and you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of Arab and `pro- Arab "Kassandras" who quote the "report" and then start "to prophecy": "I see Troya in flames" . But there is something that unites all these Arab "kassandras" ; they do not give the link to the original source. One Arab just repeats what was said by other Arab, and in search of the support, they both refer to the third Arab… But NONE EVER GAVE A LINK TO THE ORIGINAL SOURCE! It would be more logic just to give us the link to it- and we shall judge for ourselves, what the CIA had said, and what it had not. The report, we are told, has been prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency. If it is discussed on the Web, it is NOT secret, which means it is open for public What´s the problem, then?There is the official site of the CIA: [Source 2] Every one can visit it and get acquainted with the reports and documents open for public. Try to find on the CIA site this "report"- and then tell us the results. Answer 3. You honor our humble website with your assumption that this is the place to go for CIA reports. The truth is that nobody here can access any government information that you can't. Answers on this site are all written by unpaid volunteers. Anyone who drops by and has something to add can do it. This section (#3) is written by the third person who is attracted by this question and has something to add. My remark is that first of all, the CIA is not in the business of predicting world events 20 years out. That's the job of many other government advisory groups and civilian "think tanks" consulted by the government. And second, IF there is such a report, then you need to decide how much value you give it, and remember that it comes from the same agency that advised a president that Iraq was full of WMDs, and advised the US Ambassador to Libya that there was nothing in Benghazi to worry about.

What about the CIA and UFO's?

O star of beauty, oh spacecraft bright, Above Eyes Only- is they insight! sorry this stuff is all rated Above Eyes Only!