What you need to do to prepare to be a basketball player?

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pratice,sneakers,shorts,dribbiling drills
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What i need to become a basketball player?

Answer . \nTo become a basketball player in the nba you need to have great scoring range, great ball handeling skills, great defence, a good attitude, passion and love for

What tools does a basketball player need?

A basketball player needs speed, agility, and balance, as well as ateam spirit to succeed. Good eye-sight and hand-eye co-ordinationis another tool needed by a basketball play

What do you need to know to be a basketball player.?

Honestly, it is very difficult to research how to be good at a sport. Go to any clinic or camp to be taught all about it- they help more than you might imagine. Remember that

How much players does basketball need?

well. For each team there is 5 players on the court at a time. But there will be substitutions for other players. Usually each player that starts has 1 0r 2 back ups for when