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now Danielle is writing this :) digital cameras might seem better but are they?? They might be easier to use but they are actually harder because you have to focus them while the digital one is easier because they are easier to print and taking. This is why they are better than digital cameras.

I think the above answer confuses film camera with digital camera! The opinion expressed above seems to favour film camera rather than a digital one. Possibly so, but before submission the author of that statement above should have revised what he wrote!
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What is the difference between a film camera and a digital camera?

Film camera's use the old film canisters and have to be developed  (taken to the store). Digital cameras use memory to store the  images, and can be uploaded to your compute

Whats the difference between older cameras and newer cameras?

newer cameras have more mega pixels for less the price. which basically means you get a better picture on cameras now than you would on an older camera. Along with being small

What the Difference between digital camera flash and film camera flash?

Mostly trigger voltage is different.   Older film flashes used higher voltages, which if used with newer digital cameras can fry the sensitive circuitry in it.   A good

What is the difference between digital SLR and film SLR camera?

  The difference is in what is used to capture the light. In film SLRs, the film exposed to light needs to be chemically processed. In digital SLRs, the sensor detects lig

What is the difference between a film camera and a digital camera in regards to taking a picture?

    a film camera and digital camera are completely different in many ways. a film camera uses a roll of film that must be developed in order for you to see how your p

Difference between film and digital camera?

The simplest answer is that a film camera uses light-sensative film and a chemical process to create a photograph while a digital camera uses electronic circuitry to create a

What is the difference between film camera and digital camera in regards to taking a picture?

  It depends on the camera type. For inexpensive "point & shoot" cameras, the main difference is that a film camera takes the picture immediately when you press the button

What are the differences between digital and filmed camera?

  A film camera records a photo onto a strip of film, which then needs to be taken to a photo clinic to be processed. The quality is about 25 megapixels. A digital camer

Difference between digital and film camera?

film must be developed (enlarge small frame on film to larger specialized paper copy) this requires chemistry and generally cannot be done at home (unless you have a dark room

10 Difference between a digital camera and analog camera?

Digital Cameras use Cards And Flash memory to store photos Film Cameras use Film Many Film cameras Need No batteries All digital cameras do Digital Cameras Can Take (S