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Whats the earliest week in pregnancy that you can find out the gender of your baby?

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It's 15 weeks!
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Whats goin on in the first week of Pregnancy?

  Well, this is quite the tricky question to answer! Technically if you look at a week-by-week calendar of pregnancy you will notice that the first week of pregnancy is yo

How do you find the gender of a baby chicken?

Sexing a chick is quite a difficult job to do accurately. Vent sexing or identifying the sex of a day old chick by looking at its sexual organs is done by very few, well tra

Can you find out the gender of the baby at 10 weeks?

No. Look at what your baby looks like at 10 weeks!:http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com/calendar/10-weeks-pregnant.html Usually between 15-18 weeks you will find out the ge

If you are carrying low in your pregnancy what gender is the baby?

  There are myths that if a woman is carrying her bump high it is a girl and if the woman is carrying low it will be a boy, however these are myths and the best way to get

What week of pregnancy is safe to have the baby?

A baby is counted as 'viable' (able to survive) from 24 weeks of pregnancy but I would not call that safe. 33% of babies born at 24 weeks, 19.9% at 23 weeks, and 9.1% at 22 we