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Whats the agriculture in north and south of Italy?

Okii. The North rely alot more on industry because they have the industrial triangle - milan genoa and turin. The south do alot of farming because they struggle in industry. T

Whats the official language of jamaca?

  According to Jamaica Guide.com, "While the official language of Jamaica is English, native islanders typically speak in a regional patois, which is a combination of Span

Whats the major language in Norway?

The official language of Norway in Norway is Norwegian, and that is what Norwegians speak. In Norway the language is known as Norsk.

Whats Italy famous for?

Italy is famous for its culture. It has amazing historic places and art. If you want more info watch videos with people going to Italy like Global Trekker. There is more to It

Whats the name of the Chinese language?

Mandarin, the national language, is called Hanyu 汉语, a more generic term for Chinese would be Zhongwen 中文. There are many dialects of Chinese, with almost every villag

What are the languages in Italy?

There are a number of languages in Italy with Italian being the  official language. The others include Alemannic, Bavarian,  Neapolitan and Venetian among others.