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What is the original language of Italy?

The original and official language of the Republic of Italy is Italian. However, Rome pre-dates Italy by nearly a thousand years, and in Rome they spoke Latin.

What languages are spoken in Italy?

The 1 and only official language of Italy is Italian . Here is a list of all 34 languages spoken in Italy: 1. Albanian, Arbëreshë 2. Bavarian 3. Catalan-Valencian-B

Whats Italy famous for?

Italy is famous for its culture. It has amazing historic places and art. If you want more info watch videos with people going to Italy like Global Trekker. There is more to It

Whats an advantage of low level language?

Programs written in low level language are executed immediately. They require no compilers. Low Level Language instructions can be used to manipulate the individual bits in
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What language do people speak in Italy?

Italian, but there are many dialects and a few regional languages such as Ladino. Some people in the Dolomites speak a dialect of German. Near the French border there are dial
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Major language in Italy?

The predominant language spoken in Italy is Italian, a direct descendant of Latin. English and French also have a noticeable presence, but account for less than fifty percent