Whats the population of Jackson Mississippi?

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About 187,000.
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What is the population of Mississippi?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Mississippi is2,967,297. See the Related Links below for a breakdown ofMississippi's population.

What is the population of Jackson Mississippi?

2009. City of Jackson Population by year [2] Year Population . %± . U.S. Rank 1860 3,191 +69.6% - 1870 4,234 +32.7% - 1880 5,204 +22.9% - 1890 5,920 +13.8% - 19

Whats the capital of Mississippi?

The capital of Mississippi is Jackson. As of 2012, the populationof Jackson was approximately 175,437. Jackson is the largest cityin the state.

What is the population of Jackson Mississippi in 2009?

The population of Jackson in 2009 was estimated by the state government at 175,710 . This is lower than the 2000 census and the 2005 estimate, but this may be due to movement

Where in Mississippi is Jackson?

Jackson, Mississippi is the capital of the state, and is located in central Mississippi. It is located about 150 miles due north of New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Who is Mississippi Jackson?

Tony Yarber is the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. He was elected in2014.
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Is Jackson in Mississippi?

Jackson is the capital city in Mississippi. Jackson is located inthe western part of Mississippi in Hinds County, Mississippi. It islocated on the Pearl River.