Whats the price of eggs in China?

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The chicken or duck eggs is about 8yuan/kg
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What does 'sitting on a china egg' mean?

I heard about China Eggs from an Englishman about thirty years ago so I don't remember all the details. Here's the gist of it:. If a hen is not laying, the farmer puts a ceramic imitation egg under the hen. She instinctivly sits on it as a normal egg. This somehow induces her to start laying normal (MORE)

Can you have a squid for a pet whats the price?

\n. \nIf you live in Thailand it is perfectly legal to own a squid. Squid prices vary from 1-5000 dollars depending on breed and size. Squids are a complex animal to take care of requiring perfect water conditions. Most squids show no sign of emotion and will backstab you at the first chance they g (MORE)

Whats a bad egg in Pokemon?

Some glitch caused by gameshark codes or maybe even action replay codes on the DS you play the game on (I think that happened with me). Also i heard if you keep an egg in a PC 4 to long it'll turn into one

What is the current price of gas in China?

While the price of gas in China varies widely with the market, in 2014, the price was about 1.30 dollars per liter. This is the equivalent of about five dollars per gallon.

Price of eggs 1967?

.49 cents which is equal to $3.42 in 2014 money. .49 cents which is equal to $3.42 in 2014 money.

Whats a bad egg on Pokemon?

Do not get a bad egg. It glitches up your game. It may show up when you use gamesharks, you trade an egg, or even on pc(if you put the ordinary egg onto the pc)

Whats the price of 7 ducks?

the price of ducks largely depends on where you buy them and how old they are when you buy them. you can go to tractor supply during April and buy many different breeds for about $2.50 per day old duckling. you can order them from your local coop during chick day, although you will probably pay (MORE)

What is the price of eggs in Connecticut?

It keeps increasing. It used to be $4 now about $6.. another view . March 23 - April 10,2008. Currently, retail egg prices average about $2.16 for regular, modern eggs, $3.00 for cage free and about $3.50 for free range, depending on the markets, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture and A (MORE)

Whats the price for a o2 sensor?

You will have to call a parts store for the price. I have a Chev car and it was $18 and I have a Chev truck and the sensor was $ 100.

Price of eggs per dozen?

The price of eggs per dozen will vary depending on location, store,and size of the eggs. On average, a dozen of medium eggs cost about$1.25 per dozen.

Whats the price for gravel in California?

Just had a quote yesterday: 3/4 crushed gravel is $26 a ton (short ton =2000lb) 3/4 crushed aggregate $19 a ton. You should also factor in the delivery charge. Price might be different based on quantity, location, size of gravel and etc.

What is the price of a dozen eggs today?

This varies considerably by country, location, type of eggs, andwhere they are purchased. In the US, a dozen eggs can be purchased for as low as $1.50 to$2.00, while extra large, organic, or brown eggs may cost as muchas $4.50 to $5.00 USD. Retail prices in the UK are in a similar price range using (MORE)

Price of eggs in 1995?

Today, a dozen eggs can cost nearly three dollars. Back in 1995, adozen eggs only cost a little above 1 dollar.

How much do eggs cost in China?

In China 'The price of eggs' is a saying meaning the matter at hand. This is most likely what somebody meant when they mentioned the price of eggs in China!

What was the price of eggs in 1986?

U.S. city average Item: Eggs, grade AA, large, per doz. . Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual 1986 . 1.027 0.988 0.997 0.964 0.917 0.871 0.919 1.018 0.954 0.983 1.076 1.077.

Whats the time difference between Ohio and China?

Ohio is on Eastern Time. China is +12 hours from Eastern Daylight Time, +13 hours from Eastern Standard Time. So, if you are on daylight time in Ohio, and it is 6pm on Tuesday in Ohio, it is 6am on Wednesday morning in China. ALL of China is on a single time zone.

What is the current price of eggs in China?

The current price of eggs in China will vary according to wherethey are purchased. It is known that a dozen eggs in China costtwice as much as they do in the US. So they could be anywhere from$5 to $8 a dozen.

Price of bread in China?

china bread would maybe cost about 20 to 50 dollars. but the china stroes lowered it down to 10 and 50 percent.

Pricing Eschenbach Bavarian Antique China?

Pricing this china, as with all china, depends completely upon the age, quality and pattern that you are asking about. For example, if you are seeking to price an older set of china by Eschenbach that was made for a relatively short period of time (production period, that is), then it will be rare o (MORE)

Price of Coffee in China?

The price of coffee in China depends with the amount. For instance,a cup of 354 milliliters of Latte coffee costs about $4.4 in China.

Price of garlic in china?

Nick galbraith he is the man with a hand that expands to north America and slaps a random guy who is chewing gum his name is Marty who is a shoekeeper and eats tofu made in china by yongchewy wakitakai who serves

What is the price of a dozen eggs in Mississippi?

the price off the eggs really depend on size it starts at small then medium and then theirs large and it also depends on the color brown eggs are more expensive than whit so it would start from 1.39-3.39

The price of a dozen eggs in 1956?

80 cents. Adjusted for the inflation of the dollar supply by the privately owned centralized bank, The Federal Reserve System (So private that the stockholders are unknown) that would be $6.26. So one can understand the incentive to raise chickens in factory farm confinement operations. Follow the m (MORE)

What is the price of iron ore in china?

Posted pricing from the big three is $170 per ton. However, there are some supply contracts in place, some volumes discounts and inflated estimates. Assume $140-160

Whats a good price for a skirt suit?

A skirt suit, like any other suit, varies in price based on style, brand, and quality. They can range anywhere from $20 to over $50 based on where the suit is purchased.

Whats the average price for sky packages?

Sky packages are not available everywhere. If you can buy one, an average package costs 19.50 on up to as much as 52. Apparently you also have to buy a box and pay other costs.

What is the average price for a box of eggs?

You go out and find out all the prices you can for a box of eggs then add all these prices together and then divide this number by the number of boxes of eggs you used in the sample.

Whats the price of a cheap Sony TV?

The cheapest price for a Sony television is a $298 for a 32-inch flat screen. However, most Sony televisions are expensive, and the cheapest 40-inch television cost about $449.99 at the most, which is reasonable.