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When BE fifth sem results will be announced?

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i think the 5th sem results ll b announced at the end of feb month
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When the result of bscit fifth sem?

Hi, When would be the 5 th semister mumbai university results for BSC (IT). Please send me the date for the same. Regards, Pramod

When the CBSE class 10 results will be announced?

There was rumour that be CBSE Results 2011 class X will be declared today that is 16 May 2011. This was totally baseless. CBSE Results class X - 2011 CBSE result for clas

When are tybbi fifth sem exams?

5th sem is on 29th oct 2012

When will be announce BA result 2010?

kohat uni will announce ba bsc result of 25 sept 2010

When is the 2 puc results be announced?

  2nd may...................besta luck :->   2nd may...................besta luck :->