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When a Medicare beneficiary has employer supplemental coverage Medicare refers to these plan as?

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large group health plan
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Is there Medicare coverage for delivery?

  Answer   yes, Medicare covers delivery. Medicare is for those over 65 years old, and/or disabled and who have contributed to the Medicare system through payroll de

Does an employee with existing group health insurance have to enroll into Medicare at age 65 buy a supplemental plan then drop the group health insurance?

You have a choice to stay in your employer's plan or join Medicare. When you do stop working and lose your group health plan, make sure you enroll in Medicare within 8 months.

How many people enrolled in medicare supplement plans?

As a former nursing home Social Services and Admissions director and current hospital employee I would not recommend going on a medicare replacement policy. Insurance companie

What are the Humana Medicare advantage plans?

"There are three forms of the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan. Gold Plus, Gold Choice, and Humana Choice. These plans are designed to help you get more out of your dollars put

When to apply for Medicare supplemental insurance?

The open enrollment period starts 3 months before you start Medicare A & B and ends 4 months after you start

Medicare coverage at 77?

Medicare is available to US citizens over age 65 who have paid into the system for at least 40 quarters or the equivalent, or have received disability Social Security benefits

What is the deadline for choosing a supplemental insurance plan if you are on Medicare?

6 months prior and 6 months after your Medicare Part B effect month is your guaranteed issue period. During that time you can join a Medicare supplement plan without answering

Is Medicare primary when the spouse is still working or if the Medicare beneficiary works?

%REPLIES%    Answer   Medicare is primary if you work for a company with less than 20 employees. It would also depend on if the spouse is covered under the employer