When a new car is purchased how long is it covered under an existing policy without being added to the policy?

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You should read you existing policy. Most allow 30 days.
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Can you have your mother insured on your car without being on the policy yourself?

Yes, but in order to avoid coverage issues, you need to consider a few things: 1. If you and your mother live together, it would be best if your mom listed your vehicle on her policy. Otherwise, her carrier will most likely deny coverage because the vehicle is a owned by a resident relative (you). T (MORE)

Can your stepdaughter drive your car without adding her to your policy?

Answer . \nCheck your policy for specific coverages. In general, she can drive the vehicle, but is not the primary insured person. This means that she MAY not get 100% of the coverage. Your policy will have the answer. If you can't find it or don't understand the policy call your agent.

What is covered under most full coverage car insurance policies?

Answer . \nThe term "Full Coverage" can mean many different things to different people. Typically though it means that you have Liability Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury, Collision, and Other Than Collision coverage. In states where Personal Injury Protection is mandatory then y (MORE)

Can my policy cover my parents car?

The vehicle owner should have a policy on the vehicle. If you are an occasional permissive driver of their vehicle there would likely be coverage.

Return policy in Nevada for new car purchase?

The state of Nevada does not have a grace period or return policyfor vehicle sales. You would have to check with the dealership tosee if they have one. It is important to not sign anything untilyou read the contract and completely understand it.Ê

When a homeowner dies and the home needs repairs are the contractors covered while working in the unoccupied home under the existing policy?

If the insurance premiums were paid up to date before the homeowner's death, and if the repairs are covered under the policy, then yes, the repairs should be covered by the insurance policy. If there is a dispute as to whether or not the repairs are covered, read the dec page (declarations page) of (MORE)

If you have your own auto insurance policy for a different car will you be covered if you drive a car not on your policy?

If the vehicle not listed on the policy is a new car that you have recently purchased, you generally have 30 to notify your insurance company of the change. If the vehicle you are driving is just a friends car then, no. Insurance is primary to the vehicle and it is important that the owner of the ca (MORE)

The lien to your car is in your grandmas name you have your own insurance policy so you added her as an authorized driver so the car is definitely covered correct?

Actually no. The owner of the car (name on the loan and title) is the ONLY person allowed to insure it. You have to have insurable interest to insure it. Here's a simple example: You can't take out an insurance policy on MY car even if I let you drive it every day. Also... just because the insuran (MORE)

Is any driver covered under your policy?

To be straight to the point......No, there are certain conditions which will deny coverage for instance living with a gf and she drives your car regularly and she is not rated under your policy there is a chance your insurance company will deny your claim

How long will your existing auto insurance cover your new car?

Assuming you stay with the same insurance company, the existing policy will remain in effect. However, you must notify the company of the change in vehicle make, model, year. If there is a difference in premium, your policy amount may be prorated for the month in which you purchased the car, then th (MORE)

Are dependents not added to policy still covered?

That depends on what your talking about. If your dependents are driving your vehicle then they are required to be scheduled as a driver on your policy before they are considered an insured driver. Failure to schedule known drivers on your insurance policy is well known form of Insurance fraud and (MORE)

What is covered under the Celtic health insurance policy?

"Celtic health insurance covers different things depending on where you live, so it depends on the state. The states that have Celtic health insurance are Colorado, Arizona,California,Connecticut,Florida, Georgia,Ohio,Illinois,Maryland,Missouri,New Jersey, Pennsylvania,Texas, and Virginia."

Does car insurance cover the driver if he is not on the policy?

It may and it may not. It depends on the definitions of an "insured" driver under the terms of your insurance policy and the type of insurance policy you bought. Most standard policies will extend coverage to certain drivers you have given permissive use while others such as low cost "Named Drive (MORE)

What does personal property coverage cover under your homeowner policy?

You need to read your policy for the details of what is covered as there are special limits on many items including, jewelry, art, collectibles, firearm among many other items. I recommend that you go through this part of your policy in DETAIL to see the coverages that are provided, if they do not a (MORE)

Will your insurance cover your car if your son is not on your policy?

More than likely they will not pay the claim as you violated the terms of the policy by not making them aware of all drivers and household residents. This is called material misrepresentation of the contract. If you don't pay the premium for your son to be on the policy why should the insurance comp (MORE)

What is covered under a Critical Illness policy from MetLife?

There are three categories covered under a MetLife Critical policy. Category one covers certain cancer related conditions. Under this category there is a full benefit, which is paid if the cancer is invasive and has spread to others parts of the body. The second, which is a partial benefit coverage, (MORE)

What is covered under unendorsed auto policy?

This policy is not possible to be answered. One reason is that policies vary from one state to another. Another reason is that policies from one company to another vary as well. Within one state there may be several different policies available from different companies. ISO produces a standard perso (MORE)

What if vehicle owner allows insurance policy to cancel and purchases new policy without lien holder listed?

When you purchase a vehicle and fiancé it you sign a contract stating that you will carry certain insurance coverages and provide the finance company with the proper notification of such coverage. If you let your policy cancel you have violated the contract. If you do not list them as lienholder (MORE)