When a new car is purchased in Georgia does it need to be insured right away if the purchaser has an existing policy that covers their other vehicles or is there a grace period?

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I can't say specifically for Georgia, but almost any insurance policy will cover a different/additional car for a "reasonable" amount of time. Call your agent and check, preferrably BEFORE you go car shopping.
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If your primary vehicle is a corporate car supplied by your work do you need personal auto insurance ie does the company policy cover you only when driving that car or on all vehicles?

Answer . \nI would assume that the company policy only covers the company car. You still need at least liability coverage for any other car that you own and want to drive. If by chance you don't own another vehicle I can still think of reasons that you might want a non-owners policy. This woul (MORE)

If your auto insurance allows you to drive other people's vehicles do the other cars still need their own insurance for you to be covered?

Although your own auto insurance may very well follow you to a loaner vehicle. It only follows you as "Secondary" coverage. It is still the vehicle owners responsibility to provide "Primary" coverage for his or her vehicle when that vehicle is being operated on public roads regardless of who is driv (MORE)

What is the grace period when transferring auto insurance to a new car?

Answer . Policies differ, so you should check with your agent or broker. If you have owned a vehicle and already have an auto insurance policy, that will generally cover your new automobile for a period of up to 30 days after you buy it. Once that 30-day period is up, you'll have to talk with yo (MORE)

Is there a Grace Period on purchasing a New car in Georgia?

There is no grace period on buying new or used cars in Georgia or any other state. The only exception to this rule is if the sale was unsolicited. For example, a car salesman drives up to your home and knocks on your door. You answer, and he shows you a brand new XYZ. You decide this is exactly what (MORE)

If you purchased a new car with an extended warranty is there a grace period in which you can decline the warranty?

Answer . Possibly, depending on your state laws. Ask the dealer immediately.. MORE . If it is an actual "warranty" - meaning it was included in the purchase price (not sold for an additional amount), then no, it is not declinable.. If it is a "service contract" - meaning that you paid an add (MORE)

Does the driver of a vehicle in the state of New Jersey have to have their own car insurance or can they be covered by a company policy if driving the company's vehicle?

New Jersey and Auto Insurance . \nCheck with your company to see how they cover you. Usually a company only covers you if your are driving one of their vehicles while you are working. When your are on your own personal time, let's say that you drive the car all the time and it is kept at your h (MORE)

Will auto insurance cover an accident if one is at fault however the driver in the other vehicle is not the owner of that car and is not on that car's insurance policy?

Answer . Yes, your auto insurance will payout to the other party involved in the accident. Your auto policy covers "you" from any financial loses. So in retrospect you wont have to pay the damages you caused to the other veichle.. Concerning the party that is not the owner nor on the car owners (MORE)

Return policy in Nevada for new car purchase?

The state of Nevada does not have a grace period or return policyfor vehicle sales. You would have to check with the dealership tosee if they have one. It is important to not sign anything untilyou read the contract and completely understand it.Ê

Do i need to get insurance the minute i purchase a car or do i have a certain amount of time after purchasing a car to get it?

In most states, yes. Some insurance companies may offer limited coverage for a limited amount of time when you buy a car, but in most cases you are required to insure the car the instant you drive off the lot. Yes it is true that if you had the extremely unfortunate circumstance of wrecking your new (MORE)

What documents do you need to purchase car insurance?

If you're just looking for a quote then there really aren't any documents you'll need. The quote will just ask some questions, such as what kind of car you drive, how much you expect the drive the vehicle, etc, which you should be able to answer easily. As far as actually purchasing a policy the co (MORE)

Is there a grace period on purchasing handguns?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean a "waiting period," then no, there is no waiting period in most U.S. states. If you mean is there a certain length of time where you can bring a gun back to a gunshop and get your money refunded, it depends on the individual store's policy. Most gunshops will (MORE)

How long will your existing auto insurance cover your new car?

Assuming you stay with the same insurance company, the existing policy will remain in effect. However, you must notify the company of the change in vehicle make, model, year. If there is a difference in premium, your policy amount may be prorated for the month in which you purchased the car, then th (MORE)

What is the grace period on a life insurance policy?

Typically 30 days. You will find that information in your life policy. . The grace period offered to us differs on the policy type and the premium payment frequency. Let us take 3 major categories of policies and analyze the available grace time. 1. ULIPs that are 3 years old or less For ULI (MORE)

Is it expensive to purchase car insurance in New York?

Average car insurance rates in New York are difficult to give a ballpark number for, not because its expensive, its just the prices vary dramatically depending on where you live and what agencies available to you. for example the aver price of insurance in Queens ranges from 400 to 1500$ on average (MORE)

Can you purchase car insurance with no car?

Non Owners Insurance Yes, You can, It's called a Non Owners Insurance policy, also known as an Operators Policy , asopposed to a traditional Owners Policy. In the United States, a Non Owners Auto Insurance Policy is legalin all 50 states. You may have to shop around though as the largerinsurers (MORE)

How long do you have to purchase auto insurance on a new car?

There is no grace period. Legally you can not drive a car on public roads without proof of financial responsibility. If you bought a cash car your supposed to leave it parked until you get your insurance and your registration. If you have purchased and financed a new car, most finance companies r (MORE)

Where can one purchase car insurance for new drivers?

New drivers can purchase car insurance from a variety of different companies that advertise and cater to customers via different methods. Advertising is done via television, radio, print media, and the internet. The internet would be the best place for new drivers to research and compare prices and (MORE)

Where can one purchase insurance for a vehicle?

Insurance for a vehicle can be purchased from major providers like Progressive, Geico and State Farm by visiting their websites and submitting for a quote. There are also a number of local providers which advertise in local newspapers or can be found in a copy of your local Yellow Pages.

What if vehicle owner allows insurance policy to cancel and purchases new policy without lien holder listed?

When you purchase a vehicle and fiancé it you sign a contract stating that you will carry certain insurance coverages and provide the finance company with the proper notification of such coverage. If you let your policy cancel you have violated the contract. If you do not list them as lienholder (MORE)

Do you need to get an umbrella policy from the same insurance company that covers your car and home insurance?

Yes. Most companies that offer umbrella or excess liability policies will not offer such a policy unless they also insure your home and or vehicles. The reason for this is that under the policy you are required to carry policies on your home and vehicles but are required to carry certain limits of l (MORE)