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When a person taste a cyanide he will enter into coma state in 10 SEC n die within a minute will he be able to experience anything when he is in coma n is their any chances to save him?

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Can a person receive salvation if they are in a coma?

  It is essential to realize that just because a person is in a coma and cannot communicate verbally or physically (such as with eyeblinks or hand squeezes) with others in

How long can a person be in a medically induced coma?

Not entirely sure, but i think forever, because the coma is keeping the man breathing. For example if you get yourself put into a coma just before you die, you won't wake up 2

Can a person in coma still hear?

There are stories of people who are in coma's that can still hear.  These people try to communicate with their loved ones and doctors  but cannot.

Can a person in a coma breathe on their own?

yes, if there is no problem with their lungs. Thier breathing is not changed by the fact that they are in a coma usually, but often they are breathing by a machine because the

How does a person get into a coma?

A COMA is when the body becomes unresponsive to pain, stimulation,  communication, and while they may still be alive, they are unable  to move or engage in any form of life
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How do you talk to a person in coma?

The person who is in coma stage have listen and understands sign  language with wordings. In this stage customers understands each  and every thing but he can't express itse