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When a person taste a cyanide he will enter into coma state in 10 SEC n die within a minute will he be able to experience anything when he is in coma n is their any chances to save him?

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Is coma person unaware of his surroundings?

Yes! always talk to the person,let them know you love them..have surroundings like YOU would like them...dont ignore them just because they cant answer you back..

How can you die in a coma?

It is possible to die during a coma. While your brain is asleep, the rest of your body is still functioning. Your body could also just shut down on it's own while you are in t

Can a person receive salvation if they are in a coma?

  It is essential to realize that just because a person is in a coma and cannot communicate verbally or physically (such as with eyeblinks or hand squeezes) with others in

Can you die from being in a coma?

  Actually, no. You can die WHILE you're in a coma -- but you may also recover completely. A coma is "simply" an unresponsive, unconscious state of indeterminate period.

How do you get a coma?

In many cases, from a severe head injury but there are many other causes for comas. Also comas can be caused from lack of oxygen to the brain such as if one was to fall unconc

Can a person in a coma breathe on their own?

yes, if there is no problem with their lungs. Thier breathing is not changed by the fact that they are in a coma usually, but often they are breathing by a machine because the