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How does a speaker work?

Basically the movement of the speaker is the cause of the stereo (mono speakers) making the noise via induction. The Induction is the result of controlled oscillation of electrical current. A speaker is essentially an air pump. I like to say the bigger the pump the bigger the sound!!! A driver is a device that reproduces sound. Drivers consist of woofers, subwoofers, tweeters, midranges, compression horns etc. A driver consists of a magnet assembly, a metal or composite basket/frame, coil and cone or dome. A driver has a coil of wire that is electrically attached to your amplifier. The coil is the electro magnet not the magnet itself. The magnet is usually made of ceramic but used to be made of Alnico (Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt; expensive compared to ceramic) and is more often now made of neodymium (a lighter stronger material than ceramic). The magnet has a permanent magnetic polarity that does not change. When the coil of wire is placed inside the magnet assembly "pole piece" and an alternating signal is placed thru the coil it will cause the coil to oscillate as the coil will now attract and repel within the magnet assembly as the polarity changes on the coil. The coil is attached to a cone (or dome in the case of tweeters and some midranges) which is capable of moving air more effectively. Speakers consist of these drivers usually a woofer, a tweeter, and sometimes a midrange. A speaker will almost always also have a crossover network which is basically a filter network that effectively divides the signals to each driver so that the bass only goes to the woofers and the high freq only goes to the tweeters. Typical speaker arrangements contain multiple speakers: two for a simple stereo system, or more for more recent systems. All multi-speaker systems need observing the polarity such that the coils in all speakers make the same, synchronized, movement: in a multi-speaker system, some sounds only come out of the left speaker, or the right speaker. That makes the stereo effect. The majority of the sound, however, is being emmitted through all speakers at the same time. The bass drum, for example, can typically be heard through the left and the right speaker at the same time. Wiring all the speakers in such a system while observing their polarity allows the speakers to make a syncronized movement. For example, when the bass drum hits, all affected speaker coils would make a movememt towards you, then away from you, etc. If one of the speakers is wired with the reverse polarity, this speaker would start by moving away from you, then towards you. Air would simply be shifted back and forth between the speakers, instead of applying pressure on your ear drums. To avoid that effect of lost sound energy, speakers should be wired up with the same polarity even though they are driven by an alternating current (AC) signal. Additional Another type of speaker is the electrostatic loudspeaker . Electrostatic loudspeakers are generally very much more expensive than the electromagnetic loudspeaker described above and, in most cases, far superior. Physically, they look completely different from conventional loudspeakers, usually taller and wider, but very much thinner (rather like a plasma television compared to a CRT television!). Electrostatic loudspeakers work on the principle of attraction and repulsion between electric charges. The general principle is as follows. The diaphragm ('driver') , a large rectangular flexible sheet of material, such as mylar, is coated with a conducting layer and placed between two large metallic perforated sheets. A high DC voltage is placed between across this arrangement and the audio signal is impressed upon the voltage, causing the polarities to change in magnitude and direction in accordance with the musical signal. The result is that the flexible sheet will then move, acting in much the same way as the diaphragm described in the previous answer. Compared with electromagnetic loudspeakers, the diaphragm is much lighter and reacts far more rapidly to variations in signal. Furthermore, because the whole of the surface of the diaphragm is charged, the resulting forces are applied to the whole of the surface of the diaphragm rather than being 'pushed' or 'pulled' by a separate coil -as is the case with the magnetic loudspeaker. Like electromagnetic loudspeakers, electrostatic loudspeakers also have 'woofers' and 'tweeters' -different-sized rectangular diaphragms. Because electrostatic loudspeakers require a very high voltage (thousands of volts) to operate, they each have a heavy built-in transformer and rectification system and must, therefore, be connected to an electricity supply. Electrostatic loudspeakers were developed, commercially, by a British hi-fi company called Quad , which has been manufacturing them since the 1950s.

How do speakers work?

Speakers work by turning eletrical energy into sound. Speakers are an electromagnet that connects to a paper cone which moves the cone which moves the air. This is how speakers work.

Why do you want to work in the information technology field?

I want to work in the information technology field for the following reasons: 1 - Secure field of work 2- good starting salary 3 - numerous job titles/positions within the field of information technology 4 - My concentration for my master's in Information Technology is Networking. Networking computers allows me to work with technology, but it doesn't require me to write codes for software; something that would be way over my head, I think. 5 - I'd love to major in Computer Engineering or Computer Science, but I just don't think I have the level of intelligence for that; Information Technology is the next best thing if you're interested in technology. 6 - Education, industry, government, non-profit, and others all rely on Information Technology. Even the library has an IT department. Because nearly every business needs information technology majors, you can live wherever you want without worrying about finding a job; you can find a job in this field no matter where you live! I am starting the Master of Science in Information Technology program at NC A&T in Greensboro, North Carolina this fall. It is offered completely online and their tuition rates for online programs are the cheapest I've seen anywhere! This particular department within the school does not even require the GRE! The program requirements are 30, 33 or 36 semester hours depending upon whether you choose the thesis, project or course work track. I'm doing the course work track, so I'll be taking 36 hours. Good luck in your career/educational endeavors and if you haven't made a definite decision already to get into the informational technology field, you really should consider it. It's an excellent field of work!

How does a speaker works?

Answer . A speaker consists of one or more magnets, called voice coils, which are mounted at the narrowest part of a cone(s). The cone may be made of paper, cardboard, or Kevlar. When the amplifier receives a signal, it amplifies it, creating current. The current causes the magnet to move, which distorts the cone. When the magnet relaxes, the cone returns to its original shape, after a few oscillations. The cone moving back and forth compresses the air in front of it, causing a wave to travel away from the cone. That wave is the same frequency as the signal the amplifier received.

How would wireless speakers work in a motor-home I want more speakers for in the cab thought wireless speakers would be good. The speakers would be played through a standard cassette car streo.?

No such thing as good wireless speakers. Too much interference from other sources such as cell phones, am/fm, CB radio, two-way radios, etc.. Hardwired speakers are the only way to get clean sound.

You want some information on inventry management system how it works?

Inentry management system is database application that automate all the working. of company or any organization.. it has following table in the date base. 1: Inventry. 2: Supplier. 3:Tender. 3:Bids

'Are the current working information systems covering all the aspects of manual systems efficiently?

A good working information system is covering all the aspects of manual systems efficiently in most of the places. Good information system means that the company has the well written custom built software for their needs and well managed network. However, there are places where information system is not doing much because of the poor management of the system. One must sort the expertize of the software and hardware consultants to make their system more efficient.

What is the best way to keep your muscles strong and working efficiently?

The best way to keep your muscles strong and working efficiently isthrough exercises. Diet also plays an important role in keepingmuscles healthy and efficient.

How speakers work?

Power Source . Speakers do not have a dedicated power source of their own. They draw their power from whatever it is that they are connected to - be it a CD player or more complex stereo receiver. Any one of these pieces of equipment should be able to provide enough power for the speakers to be able to be used to their full potential. If they don't work well together on their own, an amplifier can be purchased and connected to the system to make up any power that may be needed. Sound Information . Without a way to process sound information, speakers would have no function. This is why speakers are always either built into or connected to something else like a compact disc player or a stereo system. These pieces of equipment process and convert any sound information they receive (from things like the radio, CDs, DVDs) into an electrical signal. This signal is what is sent either via a wireless connection or through dedicated wires to any speakers attached to the system. Playing Sound . The electrical signal is then used and outputted by the speakers. What we know as "music" and "audio" is very simply the speakers playing a frequency of noise that is constantly changing. Our brains can process this information for what it is (voices, music), but it really is nothing more than noise. Settings like overall volume, base (lower frequency information) and treble (higher frequency information) can be adjusted on whatever device is sending the sound information to the speakers.

What can be done to increase cars fuel efficiency?

There's the basic's like keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure, replacing your spark plugs/getting a tune-up, keeping an eye on your driving habits - don't speed up to red lights, don't put the accelerator to the floor if you don't need to, etc..., replace your air filter. I started using a fuel catalyst about 7 months ago, and have seen about 10-15% increase in fuel economy consistently. It helps your engine burn fuel more efficiently. The one I'm using is Fuel Infusion - http://www.fuelinfusion.com. Good Luck! . There are a few things you can do to get your car more fuel efficient. One of the things is to use a fuel catalyst. These catalyst are great and will save you money in the long run and make your car more efficient. lets see, you can start by not driving to fast past the speed limit, you should not have your windows down if your on the highway because it decreases fuel efficiency by causing friction

What Electrical signals convey information?

Electrical signals are either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). For DC signals, information is carried by the existence of a DC level, or it's absence. This is binary signalling, and communicates either a '1' or a '0'. An AC signal conveys information by either changing one of the three properties that AC signals have: 1) changing the amplitude of the signal (this is amplitude modulation, like an AM radio) 2) changing the frequency (this is frequency modulation, like an FM radio station) 3) changing the phase of the AC signal. This is used in the faster of the old-style computer modems, as well as DSL modems

How do you research information efficiently and accurately?

If your on Wikipedia make sure there is a lock on the page so that the public cannot edit the info. Or make sure websites end in .org or .gov they are usually accurate.

Want to work in Nigeria Which site is the best for jobs in Nigeria?

There are several Job websites advertising Jobs in Nigeria these days, you can use search engines like google and search for Jobs, The Popular websites for Jobs in Nigeria are: Joblist Nigeria : A website (blog) that Publish the latest Jobs in Nigeria Naija Hot Jobs : Nigerian Job forum

What car is best for long legged people who want fuel efficiency?

My Honda Civic fits me fine, gets about 40mpg city (im a hyper-miler) and I'm 6ft 2in.

What is work efficient?

The point where the y and x axis meet. You are at your maximum potential of output based on your Supply and Demand curves. See equilibrium .

How do you get your speakers to work?

Connect them to a source that will drive them. The source should match the impedance of the speakers. To see if speakers are working at all, use a 1.5 volt battery and connect across speaker leads and make and break connection to see if you hear the speaker crackle.

What does efficiency have to do with work and work out?

Efficiency = (Useful Work done)/(Total Work done). . This is usually expressed as a percentage. . Example: For every 200KJ of energy released from coal in a power plant, only 60KJ is converted to electrical energy. Therefore, Efficiency = 60/200 =30%.

What did the giver want to do after his work in the community was done?

he wanted to go where his daughther was to be with her after his work was done

If you have done Bachelor of Information technology bsc.I.T but want to make career in mechanical field?

Many individuals make changes in their career path. If you wish to change your direction, that is fine. You will have to meet the entrance requirements of your intended program of study. You must inquire about the entrance requirements, and complete all prerequisite coursework first. Saying you want a career in the mechanical field is too broad a statement. You need to be specific. If you wish to become a mechanical engineer, then there will probably be some prerequisite coursework you have not completed yet. It could be Calculus I, II, III, differential equations, chemistry, physics, or others. You will have to inquire at the school you intend to enroll in.

Make best use of technology to work in an efficient way?

To make best use of your technology you will first need to get toknow it, find out all the features and limitations. Knowing everyfeature and limitation will allow to make the best out of the peaceof technology that you own, something productive, for example,instead of playing games you can make them; instead of using socialnetworks you can develop one.

If you want to lift a 5kg box to the height of meter how much work must be done?

Did you say one meter ? You'll have to give the box 49 joules of additional gravitational potential energy. But since the human muscular system is not 100% efficient, you'll have to spend somewhat more energy than that in order to do the job. The additional energy that you put into the effort will show up in the form of elevated body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and warm perspiration on your brow.

What message did Shakespeare want to convey in As You Like It?

It is highly unlikely that Shakespeare intended to convey any message in this play. As You Like It is a comedy which is primarily designed to entertain. Shakespeare made use of a number of conventions, apparently without irony, such as the conventions of pastoral literature, the cross-dressing girl, the melancholy man, the evil brother usurping the throne, and the play ending with multiple marriages. Looking for a message in all that is like looking for the message in an episode of Cheers or The Beverley Hillbillies.

What can be done for the kidney to work at its best?

The liver is the organ in the body that secretes bile and neutralizes toxins. These have to go somewhere. That's where the kidney comes into play. The is the organ that excretes urine. Urine? liquid. Liquid? Like water. drink water through the day. You don't have to walk around carrying a bottle of water every day. What a sight! Evian. Spell Evian backwards and you'll see. Ok, back to the subject. I worked outside in 110 degree weather in Texas. I love warm weather. I was in and out of the sun replacing a motor in a 1972 Chevy pickup. My only breaks were going inside and refilling my container. Hint: it's a plastic bottle that used to carry alcohol. Used it up and washed it and filled it with water. I worked from 0800 to about 1600 hours and didn't even notice that I worked through lunch. I drank probably about 2 gallons of water during that time. Water helps the kidney tremendously. Stay away from foods that are toxic (for lack of a better word). If you can't, drink grape juice. It helps a lot. Years ago when I lived in San Antonio, Texas, I filled a big container with tap water and placed it in the refrigerator. The chemicals like flouride and such evaporated and when I took some to drink, it was good tasting. Have water handy, always, you don't have to buy it at the store. (Evian - wow!) Make it part of your lifestyle to drink water when you need to. Help your kidney.

What information is conveyed by the formula H2O?

H 2 O is the chemical formula for water. It's Lewis structure is H-O-H, 2 hydrogen atoms single-bonded to a single oxygen atom.It shows that water molecule contain two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

What information is conveyed by a point plotted with the coordinates 1 25?

The point is 1 unit along the first of the two axes and 25 units along the other axis from point where the two axes meet. Although they usually are, the axes need not be perpendicular to one another. Apex: The average height of plants given 1 g of fertilizer was 25 cm.

What is the best way for consumers to inform sellers of their wants?

To send in a business request or complain. Also a phone call. They are all the same

If want to work with animals which is the best career to go choose?

If you want to work with animals you should either be a zoo keeper, a vet, or a taxidermist if you like animals dear OR alive!

What is essential for the efficiency of information technology?

It is imperative that the relationship between and among the phases of IT work seamlessly to input, process, display (output), store, and retrieve data.

What do you want to convey to the ssgt?

Rope, water container, pair of pliers, cellular phone, interrogation room chair, decaying wall, and holding room chair

What is the best way to keep your muscle strong and working efficiently?

To keep your muscles strong you need a less fat and protein rich diet and need to hit weight training atleast three times a week

Why do people use graphs to display mathematical problems Graphs are easy to read. Graphs convey lots of information efficiently. Graphs can help people see what is happening. All of the above?

The best answer to the question is "All of the above", but the question is baloney poorly formulated. Graphs don't display "mathematical problems". They display lots of information efficiently. A "problem" (exercise, question) may be concocted by the instructor to motivate a student's examination of the graph, and/or to test the student's comprehension of the graphic presentation of the data.

Is information technology related to information systems i have done bachelors in information technology and i want to do information system masters since its more interesting for me.Are they related?

Information Systems and Information Technology are essentially the same thing. The only thing that's different is the title. A masters in Information Systems is a graduate degree that extends the Information Systems/Technology Bachelor's degree.

Which 3D TV is the best if you want a big and energy efficient one between the plasma and LED TV?

Large televisions are now almost exclusively LCD based. Before buying a large monitor it is always worth doing the research to find out which of the current models are the most efficient as well as being the best image - the main reason for buying the television.

What is the best temperature and pH for steapsin to work with maximum efficiency?

The best temperature for steapsin to work at maximum efficiency is at 37 degrees were it has the lowest degradition per hour of 8%. The pH of steapsin to work at a great efficiency of 11 where the degradition is 10%.

What best conveys Jurgis' level of interest in what the speaker was saying in The Jungle by Upton Sinclair?

Jurgis thought the speaker was talking directly to him. between jurgis thought the speaker was talking directly to him or jurgis was impressed by the number of people who were at the meeting

Is medium a means of conveying information?

If you mean a medium, as in the supernatural, then no. Though a medium is a good medium for relieving the gullible of their money.

What degree would be best if someone wanted to work with animals?

Any because u will be working with animals u will just need to know how to use a shuffle

What answer you will tell a friend if they want to know your work information?

you say it's confidential but, you can have my number, here meet me at my place later

What have you done to find work since the date you want this claim to start?

Write down what you have done to look for work since you claimed unemployment benefit.

Do Greek letters convey information about a Star's brightness?

Answer: Yes; Around the year 1600, Johannes Bayer, in what is today known as Germany, applied lowercase Greek letter names to the stars more or less in order of brightness, which if followed strictly would render the brightest star in a constellation "Alpha," the second Beta," and so on.

What historical information does the prince convey in romeo and Juliet?

In his speech "Three civil brawls, bred of an airy word" he gives some of the history of the ongoing feud between the two families.

What can be done to increase the efficiency of the machine?

Mechanical Efficiency is the ratio of Actual mechanical advantage to ideal mechanical advantage.Efficiency will be maximum when Actual mechanical advantage equals that of ideal.But practically not possible.Actual mechanical advantage will be less due to friction,heat,deflection etc.avoiding these loses will increase the machine efficiency.

How do Germans convey information?

The same way citizens of any other country does - by talk, telephone, internet, text etc...

Where can you purchase energy efficient speakers?

Energy efficient speakers can be purchased from various retailers nowadays. One can try checking at their local electronics like Best Buy, Microcenter, or Radio Shack. Amazon or AudioHolics are also options.

How do the electrical patterns in the electronics convey information?

The electrical patterns in electronics convey information throughthe electrical patterns called digital signals and analog signals.

What is the best way to get an work estimate done by another company after the work has already been done?

Check it roughly... Material wise at actual market price... For example... Concrete... How many bags of cement, sand aggregates in d basis of volume. Bricks.... Steel... Surface coatings, finishings in d basis of area.. Nd d market rate with respect to each nd every material.. I tried to explain.. Sry if u r not satisfied with my answer...

How I can improve the transmission of information on communicative channels that people understand exactly what I want to convey giving me the answer quickly?

short messenges can go a far way: people need to remember what yousaid. not to dificult sentensing: dont go komplicated on words, peopledont understand. be clear: speac clearly, or write it whid some space on the lines.

Which type of translation conveys the basic information from the original work but usually not the original writer's style or specific cultural context?

Answer this question… Which type of translation conveys the basicinformation from the original work but usually not the original writer's style or specific cultural context?

How do you convey the same information as the sentence below?

"Why are there boxes blocking one of the doors for the warehouse?The exits must be clear at all times and there is even a sign thatreads, 'Do not block exits'

What information does a period convey in a sentence?

A period in a sentence means the end of a complete thought. It alsoindicates where a reader can take a breath during reading out loudor aloud.