When a speaker wants to convey information efficiently and get work done it is best to?

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use connotative words
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What Electrical signals convey information?

Electrical signals are either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). For DC signals, information is carried by the existence of a DC level, or it's absence. This i

Make best use of technology to work in an efficient way?

To make best use of your technology you will first need to get toknow it, find out all the features and limitations. Knowing everyfeature and limitation will allow to make the

What can be done for the kidney to work at its best?

The liver is the organ in the body that secretes bile and neutralizes toxins. These have to go somewhere. That's where the kidney comes into play. The is the organ that excret

What information is conveyed by the formula H2O?

H 2 O is the chemical formula for water. It's Lewis structure is H-O-H, 2 hydrogen atoms single-bonded to a single oxygen atom.It shows that water molecule contain two hydroge
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Is medium a means of conveying information?

If you mean a medium, as in the supernatural, then no. Though a medium is a good medium for relieving the gullible of their money.