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When and where was Saint Elizabeth of Hungary born?

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Saint Elizabeth was born in 1207 in the royal palace at Pozsony, in what is now Bratislava, overlooking the Danube River.
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What is Hungary?

Hungary is a country in Central Europe.

Why did Elizabeth Ann Seton become a saint?

She Became a Saint Because of Her Dedication and Goodwill to the Catholic Church and opening some Schools. September 14, 1975, by Pope Paul VI

What are the miracles that attribute to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton?

  I found this information on the Emmitsburg Area Historical Society webpage.   Pope Paul VI canonized Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton September 14 during the Holy Year of 19

Who is Saint Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist?

Elizabeth (Hebrew: 'E‧li‧she′va‛, meaning "my God is plenty" or "God of Plenty"), was the wife of the priest Zechariah. She came from the priestly family of Aaron th

Why did Saint Elizabeth of Hungary become a saint?

Saint Elizabeth became a saint because she donated a lot of her money to the poor. She built houses, and founded a lot of hospitals and helped a lot of helpless children, espe

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Where is Hungary?

Hungary is in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia Croatia and Slovenia.

What is St. Elizabeth the patron-saint of?

There are several Saints with the name Elizabeth, these are:    Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) - Patron saint of hospitals, nurses, bakers, brides, countesses, d

What was Saint Elizabeth of Hungary's occupation?

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary's occupation was taking care of her three children and helping the poor by feeding them and building hospitals for their shelter.

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When was Elizabeth II born?

Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926.

What was Saint Elizabeth of Hungary like?

She was a symbol of Christian charity in Germany and Hungary during the early 13th century.

What did Saint Elizabeth of Hungary do to make herself a saint?

St. Elizabeth (Elizabeth of Hungary) donated a large part of her  money to the poor, built hospitals, and after the death of her  husband made vows to remain celibate and no

What is St. Elizabeth John the Baptist's mother the patron saint of?

She is the patron saint of Pregnant Women because she birthed John the Baptist, whom baptised Jesus.
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What is Saint Elizabeth mother of John's symbol?

I have never heard that St. Elizabeth, mother of St. John the Baptist, has a symbol. We know that when Mary visited her St. John "lept in her womb for joy" because of the pres