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When and where was Saint Elizabeth of Hungary born?

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Saint Elizabeth was born in 1207 in the royal palace at Pozsony, in what is now Bratislava, overlooking the Danube River.

Who is the patron saint of Hungary?

  The patron of Hungary is St. Stephen (in Hungarian Istvan). He was the first king of Hungary and he was sainted in 1038 by Laszlo I.   The feast of St. Stephen is on … (MORE)

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Is Saint Elizabeth a patron saint?

St. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, is the patron saint of: •expectant mothers •Fulda, Germany, diocese of •pregnant women

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When was St. Elizabeth of Hungary beatified?

Elizabeth was canonized on May 27, 1235, by Pope Gregory IX at Perugia, Italy. This was just a few years after the Church institued the new canonization process so we do not h… (MORE)

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What were the miracles of St. Elizabeth of Hungary?

Miracles were not required for declaring a person a saint in the early years of Chrisitianity. The person would have been declared a saint by popular acclamation to a bishop… (MORE)

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