When and who invented the refrigerator?

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In 1748 William Cullen demostrated artificial refrigeration for the first time, at Glasgow university. This discovery was however not put to pratical use.In 1823, Michael Faraday learned how to change ammonia vapor to a liquid by compressing it ad the liquid is allowed to evaporate this process we have our modern fridges.
Carlinde a Swiss inventor invented the first refridgerating machine in 1874. He used it to cool beer. In 1877 Linde used ammonia as the liquid in the machine. Modern fridges are based on the method. Frezzers work in the same way, but are more powerful and give a greater cooling effect. IN a frezzer food stays frozen at-18 degree centigrade.
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How was the refrigerator invented?

in ancient time the people use ice and snow to preserve the food. Then they think about a machine to cool the food . this leads to the invention of refrigerator.

Who invented refrigeration?

The first known method of artificial refrigeration was demonstrated by William Cullen at the University of Glasgow in Scotland in 1748. Cullen used a pump to create a partial

Who invented the refrigerator?

Various mechanical refrigeration devices appeared over the years. . The first known artificial Refrigeration was demonstrated by William Cullen at the University of Glasgow

Where was the refrigerator invented and from who?

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Why was the refrigerator invented?

To keep things cold. Before they invented refrigerators, they used cellars to cool things. A cellar is underground and is made from rocks, so it was cooler. And so our food