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When are auto deposit social security funds available?

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National banks must make funds available for withdrawal on the “payment date.” This is the date on which the funds are actually payable, not the date on which the bank received the deposit.
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How do you change my social security direct depositchange direct deposit?

  See this link from Social Security's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page: http://www.ssa.gov/deposit/DDFAQ898.htm Here is the relevant portion:     After I

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Legal businesses who employ individuals for work in exchange for money in the USA have a tax ID number that is unique and attached to all finances which is on file by the Inte

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Social security benefits is not qualifying earned income that you can use to contribute to a IRA account. There are three categories of qualifying income that can be used to m

What day of month is direct deposit from Social Security disability?

The direct deposit date is based on the date of birth for the person whose earnings record is being used to pay benefits. If your benefits are calculated from your own work re

When was Social Security put into the general fund?

The Social Security Trust Fund was established in 1939 to receive monies collected for Social Security through payroll taxes. The monies in this fund are managed by the Depart

When will the Social Security fund run out of money?

It will not unless our country has no money ever again but that will not ever happen. Money that is collected from employees and employers via the FICA tax goes into the soc

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SSDI or social security disability insurance is a paid into program. People receiving it must have worked 20 of the last 40 quarters (5 consecutive years) and are paid money e

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It's difficult to answer this question with a simple yes or not,  because you really need to understand the mindset of the US  government in general (and that portion of it