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When are auto deposit social security funds available?

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National banks must make funds available for withdrawal on the “payment date.” This is the date on which the funds are actually payable, not the date on which the bank received the deposit.
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Can a debt collector take social security funds if that is your only source of income?

Federal lawmakes your Social Security benefits exempt from levy, garnishment, assignment by regular creditors, and from the trustee in bankruptcy. (The federal government can

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Social security benefits is not qualifying earned income that you can use to contribute to a IRA account. There are three categories of qualifying income that can be used to m

How do you change my social security direct depositchange direct deposit?

  See this link from Social Security's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page: http://www.ssa.gov/deposit/DDFAQ898.htm Here is the relevant portion:     After I

Has Obama borrowed from social security funds?

It's difficult to answer this question with a simple yes or not,  because you really need to understand the mindset of the US  government in general (and that portion of it

Is the Social Security Trust Fund part of the national debt?

The $2.5 Trillion of debt obligations held by the SS Trust Fund are most certainly part of the National Debt. The obligations are legally parri passu (equal under the law) wit