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When baking a cake what does it mean when it says to fold one mixture into another mixture?

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When baking, folding is a method used to incorporate more air into the mixtures. In order to fold, you need a spatula or a spoon. Carefully pour mixture A into mixture B a little at a time. Take the spatula, scrape the bottom of the bowl, and take mixture B and "fold" it over the other mixture. Do not simply stir, as that would dispel the air and make the cake heavy. Continue to scrape the bottom of the bowl and flop the mixture A over mixture B until well combined!

So basically, you are literally folding the mixture!
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Can you leave cake mixture overnight before you bake it?

  Depends, does the mix have milk or eggs in it. If so then no you cant but if not then yes. I just mean like the wet part. Unless you pout it in the fridge and cover it t

When baking a cake what does it mean to fold in a mixture?

It basically means to use a spatula or spoon and slowly mix the new ingredient into the mixture. It's very hard to explain this in words. Usually you move the spoon from the b

Why is a cake a mixture?

It is because there are many ingredients such as butter , sugar , eggs and flour and all of these together in one bowl mixed up is called a mixture.

What is a cake mixtures?

A mixture of most ingredients needed to make a cake. In most cases and egg or water or both is needed to be added and then you simply whisk and bake.

Why is a cake not a mixture?

Because you dont see EVERY single ingredient inside the cake. You  see it all as one( Besides the frosting of course I guess) . Adding  sugar into your tea is a mixture beca
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Is cake a mixture?

Yes. Regardless of the type of cake you're fabricating -- edible,cement, mud or other -- each is a mixture of ingredients balancedto produce the type of cake desired.