When both multiplexers a and b combine four 100 kbps channels using a time slot of 4 bits each frame generated from a and b has the size of 16 bits the frame at c is 32 bits what is the frame rate at?

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Consider a 3 different raster system with resolutin of 64048012801024 and 25602048 what size frame buffer is needee for each of theae system tostore 12 bits and 24 bit?

to store 12 bits per pixel . 1.for system with resolution 640 by 480. frame buffer size=(640*480*12)/8=0.46Mbyte. 2.for system with resolution 1280 by 1024. frame buffer s

Frames of 1000 bits are sent over a 1-Mbps channel using a geostationary satellite whose propagation time from the earth is 270 msec Acknowledgements are always piggybacked onto data frames The head?

Let t=0 denote the start of transmission.At t=1 msec,the first frame has been fully transmitted.At t=271 msec,the first frame has fully arrived.At t=272 msec,the frame acknowl

Channel has data rate of 4 Kbps and propagation delay of 20mswhat range of frame size do stop and wait give an efficiency of atleast 50?

You need to use two formulas - firstly a= propagation delay/transmission time. We'll denote this by t prop and t trans. . t prop is given in the question, it is 20 x 10 -3

What are framing bits used for?

Framing bit is a common practice in telecommunication. Framing bitis a bit that precedes a T1 or J1 frame. It is used for the purposeof synchronization of the incoming data wi

Consider a logical address space of eight pages of 1024words each mapped onto a physical memory of 32 frames how many bits are there in the logical address?

As was given for a 4 Page, 1024 words & 64 frames (shown below) 4 pages -> 2^2 bits 1024 bytes -> 2^10 bits 64 frames -> 2^6 bits Therefore: Logical memory = 2+10=12

How many bits does a 1 frame per second have?

In order to know how many bits/second there are in 1 frame/second, you need to know how many bits are in that frame. In a typical asychronous serial protocol with 8 bits per f

Frames of 1000 bits are sent over a 1-Mbps channel using a geostationary satellite whose propagation time from the earth is 270 msec?

Let t=0 denote the start of transmission. At t=1 msec, the firstframe has been fully transmitted. At t=271 msec, the first frame has fully arrived. Att=272 msec, the frame ack

What is 32-bit pci slot?

PCI slot and 32-bit is 2 deffrent things PCI slot is able to have more extra stuff in ur computer like Graphics card to emprove gamming exp and 32-bit is ur computer Operating