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Well if you go by the rule book they fix an age. Teaching does never retire. A person used to teaching will always be found teaching something or the other to friends, neighbours ,youngters,and grandchildren. They never tire or retire.
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What state has the best teacher retirement?

The state of PA has the best retirement package for teachers. If you have 30 years you will get approximately 87.5% of your salary for the rest of your life.

What is the average age of retirement for a teacher?

55-65 is the average. It is also based on the number of teaching years. If a teacher starts to teach late in life they have to teach longer older than a teacher who starts you

Why do teachers retire?

The same reasons anyone retires from any job such as: 1. Manditory based on having reached a maximum age. 2. Unable to function in their job. 3. Medical emergency 4. Want to c

Why are teachers retiring?

They are retiring to retain the pension they signed up for before it is stripped down due to a broken economy.

When do teachers retire?

Being a retired teacher, I can give you a fairly straight shot on this: Theoretically, a teacher can teach as long as they wish, but in most states in the USA, a full teaching

What kind of letter should you write for your old teacher that is retiring so she knows you appreciated her?

  Write about how much she helped you when you were in her class and how she made a difference in your life. Write kind thoughts about her so she will feel like she's done

Can you give the example of farewell speech to the teacher who is retired?

An example of a farewell speech to a teacher who is retired would be somewhere along the lines of: Dear Mr/Mrs. Smith, I would like to bid you a great life of retirement. Your