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When describing the family you had at the time of your childhood in Italian would you use the imperfect of the past participle?

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I played with my brothers.
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When to use the past tense and past participle?

You use the past tense of a verb (e.g. sang) when the subject is being talked about in the past (the simple past tense). You use the past participle (e.g. have/has sung) when

How would you describe Rosa Parks childhood?

On February 4, 1913, Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. When Rosa was two years old, she moved to Pine Level, Alabama. She and her baby brother moved in with her grandp

How do you use the word 'become' as Past participle?

  Become is an irregular verb in English. So...     The normal form is, of course, "become"   The past form is "became" (I became sad over time)   The presen

Would has taken be past or present participle?

Don't understand your question. But this is what I think: 'Would has taken' is not correct. 'Would have taken' is correct. Use have for all persons and past participle.

What are past verbs and past participles?

Past verbs are used to make past simple sentences eg ran past tense of run: The dog ran to school. or walked past tense of walk: We walked to school last week. Past part

What is past participle and present participle?

PAST PARTICIPLE Every verb in English has a past participle form. (except modals) FORM With regular verbs the past participle is formed by adding -ed to the basic form of

What is the past participle of do?

The past participle of 'do' is done.    The past participle of a verb is used to form the 'perfect' tenses.   The past participle of regular verbs is formed by addi
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What Past participle of can?

If you are referring to "can" as in "to be able to", then the past participle is could. If you are referring the "can" as in "fires" (i.e. The boss cans anyone who doesn't ans
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What is the past participle?

The past participle is used to form the perfect and pluperfect tenses as in I have asked him - I had asked him. Other examples of past participles - written, told, been, walke
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When do you use the past participle?

When: 1. you use it as an adjective (The TORN page was on the floor); 2. you turn an Active verb into the Passive Voice (Dickens wrote "D. Copperfield" = "D. C" was WRITTEN by