When did Adolphe d'Archiac die?

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Adolphe d'Archiac died on December 24, 1868 at the age of 66.
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Why did Adolph Hitler die?

Killed Himself He killed himself because he realized that the Germans had lost the war and a mob of angry people were coming to capture and kill him.

Did Adolph Hitler kill Roma?

no, Italy was an axi, it supported Hitler, so Hitler would never kill roma ___ Oops. Roma (Romanies) are 'gypsies' and the answer is yes . At least 220,000 were slaughtered by the Nazis.

Who cremated Adolf Adolph Hitler?

He wasn't cremated. He commited suicide and his last few soldiers took his and his wife's body, threw them in a pit, poured gasoline all over them,and finally burned their remains from the U.S. Soldiers so we couldn't find the bodies.

All about Adolf Adolph Hitler?

To write everything about Hitler would take thousands of pages, it would be better to just buy a biography on Hitler and read that. A very good one is the Hitler biography written by Ian Kershaw.

When did adolph rickenbacker die?

Adolph Rickenbacker died on March 7, 1976 from acute circulatory failure probably related to cancer that he had been fighting. He was either 88 or 89 years old at the time

Is Adolph Hitler amazing?

Hiter was one of the most evil men that has ever lived, he is responsible for the deaths of over 5 million innocent people. He is amazing in the worst possible way. 11 million, there were 6 million Jews killed alone. Others, such as Christians and gypsies ,were also murdered.

Was Adolf Adolph Hitler Autocratic?

He was a dictator which by definition IS autocratic. Adolf Hitler was an autocratic according to CNN and other highly trusted sources. Adolf Hitler was not an Autocratic, far from it actually.

Who helped Adolf Adolph Hitler?

One person who was of great help to Adolf Hitler was a highlydecorated WW1 fighter pilot called Hermann Goering. Hitler was alsoable to rely on Rudolf Hess, his deputy.

Was Adolph Hitler a Socialist?

No, Hitler wasn't a socialist. He was a fascist. Why people get confused on the issue is because those that simply look at the names of historical items, rather than examining their context, see the word "socialist" in the official name of the Nazi party, and presume that they are socialists as w (MORE)

What is some information about Adolph Hitler?

There are so many facts about Adolph Hitler. He was a dictator andthe leader of the Nazi party in Germany. He is held responsible forthe rise of fascism in Europe and death of thousands of peoplemostly Jews.

How Adolph Hitler controlled Germany?

1 One-Party State The Enabling Act (23 March 1933) made Hitler was the all-powerful Fuhrer of Germany. The Law against the Formation of Parties (14 July 1933) declared the Nazi Party the only political party in Germany. It was an offence to belong to another Party. All other parties were banned, (MORE)

Was Adolph Hitler guilty?

It depends . There's alot of people who have different opinions . Anyways , there is no definite answer . Your answer is made by yourself . Did he just do his job to rebuild Germany? Or did he actually order the Final Solution because of "his Anti-Semitism"? You can look up the discussions onlin (MORE)

Adolph Hitler and Mussolini?

Fascist dogs who ruled their countries (Germany and Italy) with an iron fist and unyielding racial ideologies.

Is Adolph Hitler really Jewish?

No, that is just a myth, Hitler was not Jewish. Answer Not necessarily true. Even Hitler didn't know for sure; he suspected that he had Jewish blood. His father's birth was recorded as illegitimate; his father's mother had left her job as a housekeeper in a Jewish household because she was pregn (MORE)

Who id Adolf Adolph Hitler?

He was a German communist who had thousands of people killed, mostly Jews. He would do horrible things such as have people shot and thrown in a pit, then buried, and he even burned people alive. A lot of the people that followed Hitler only did so because they did not want him to hurt them. He was a (MORE)

Who was adolph leuzinger?

Adolph Leuzinger (1859-1931), and Leuzinger High School . Johann Jakob Leuzinger (1838-1906) emigrated from Wattwil, Switzerland, to the USA in 1867, and settled in Kansas. He was followed by his family, including at least two sons, Adolf (1859-1931) and Andreas (1863-?). A third son, John, lived (MORE)

Who was Adolph Rupp?

A College basketball coach with one of the most succesfull coaching careers,He lead the Kentucky Wildcats to 4 national championships (1948,1949,1951,1958),20 NCAA appearences,13 SEC tournoment championships,had six final four appearences,27 SEC regular season titles,won 5 sugar bowl tournoment cham (MORE)

Who was Adolph Marx?

Adolph Marx was the brother of Leonard, Julius, Milton, and Herbert Marx. Around 1911, Adolph changed his name to Arthur (this had nothing to do with Hitler; he simply didn't like the name "Adolph"). However, that particular name change was of little significance, because by that time he was already (MORE)

How did adolph hilter die?

Hitler finally married his longtime girlfriend Eva Braun; she committed suicide with him by swallowing cyanide on 30 April 1945. Hitler apparently swallowed cyanide and then shot himself. They killed themselves on thier . He was 56 years old when he ended his life.

Who was adolphe buyl?

Adolphe BUYL born 01.05.1862 at Serskamp near Wetteren became teacher in Brussels and later on conselor and mayor of Ixelles by Brussels . He became member of the Belgian Parliament for the conservative LIBERAL party from 1900 till 1920 . He was a fervent free maçon strongly engaged against the c (MORE)

Did anyone help Adolph Hitler?

Romania, Finland, Italy, Albania, Solvakia, Bulgaria, Vichy France,Spain, Yugoslavia, Japan, and other nations fought under Germanyand the Axis powers. There are several nations not listed here.

Was Adolph Hitler chubby?

Hitler had a tendency to gain weight due to his unusual eating habits. It's well known that Hitler was a vegetarian but he also had a sweet tooth for pastries, of which he voraciously consumed in large quantities. This has been well documented on several books about the nazi dictator and the third r (MORE)

Adolph hilter was the leAder of?

Adolph Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party who governed Germany from 1933-1945, so he was the Fuhrer (dictator) of Germany. During his rule the Nazis killed millions of people.

Did Adolph Hitler have chidren?

Hitler never had any children of his own. He considered the Hitler Youth his children since they were so loyal to him. Many fought in the war for him and some died for him.

How was Adolph Hitler wounded?

He was hurt by flying debris from a bomb during an assassination attempt on his life by a dissident group German military officers. This was part of an attempted coup d'etat intended to replace the Nazi regime with a military-led government.

Who took down Adolph Hitler?

In terms of WW2 or indeed WW1(Hitler was a messenger for the German army), Britain and it's allies "took down" Hitler. In reference to the man's death, the most popular theory is that Adolf Hitler committed suicide and thus "took down" himself.

How did Adolph Hitler get youth to join the Adolph Hitler youth?

Propaganda, supplied by the HJ Gliederung ( structure) and also from other propaganda mills and millers like Joseph Paul Goebbels. Posters, songs, marching parades and so on- beat the HJ drum. the role of the higher levels as a sort of ROTC for Army and SS men was stressed in some ads. It should be (MORE)

Who was with Adolph Hitler when Adolph Hitler was killed?

At the time he died, he was in his room in the Hitler Bunker inBerlin, with his partner Eva Braun whom he had married shortlybefore. Berlin was being overrun by Allied troops and he knew that theywould capture him, so he had a simple dinner; then went into hisroom with Eva. Investigation into the (MORE)

Did Germans hate Adolph Hitler?

The Germans held very mixed feelings about Hitler. From one perspective, he was stepping up as a leader to unite the Germanic countries and force Germany out of severe debt. On the other hand, he was manipulating the German people with private, sinister motivations to scapegoat a large group of peop (MORE)

Was Adolph Hitler a genuis?

In a sort of sense, yes he was a huge genius, for 2 reasons: 1. He conquered most of Europe 2. He had a good reason for trying to conquer the world If Hitler had prevailed, our civilization wouldn't be at war, have major arguments, and would evolve in technology a lot quicker. If we can't find a w (MORE)

Did Adolph Hitler admire Britain?

No, of course not. He tried invading the UK and invading the countries that the UK had already invaded like Egypt. -I disagree, in Mein Kampf he writes that he wants Germans to behave more like the British and I believe he had ambitions to give Britain a special role in the Reich ( though i can (MORE)

Why Adolph Hitler quit?

Adolf Hitler quit because his bunker in Berlin was surrounded by ally troops. If he did not kill himself he would have been killed. So he chose to die at his own hand rather than give himself up and be killed at the hands of the Russians who wanted so bad to kill him. It was like letting them win th (MORE)

Where is Adolph Hitler buired?

Hitler and his mistress, Eva Braun, were believed to be buried in Magdeburg, Germany. Soviet troops took the bodies with them when they left Berlin, and at night, they would bury them, only unearthing them when it was time to move on. Finally, they were buried behind an abandoned German base camp (MORE)

What was Adolphe Sax's education?

Adolphe Sax, the person credited with inventing the first saxophone, was educated by his father Charles-Joseph Sax. His father was a skilled wind instrument maker and repairer. In addition, Adolphe Sax studied at the Royal School of Singing in Brussels, Belgium.

Did Adolph Hitler kill Jesus?

No. Hitler lived many centuries after Jesus died. However, hadJesus been alive in Europe during World War II, Hitler would havekilled him because Jesus was a Jew.

Why Adolph Hitler so famous?

He was a great motivational speaker. He started out speaking softy and then gradually speaking higher and higher. Also after the great war Germany was in a depression like the U.S and he got Germany out of it quickly.

Was Adolph Hitler a Buddhist?

No, he was Catholic. However, he and some other National Socialist party officials appreciated some aspects of Buddhism.

Who was Adolphe Quetelet?

Adolphe Quetelet was a Belgian astronomer, mathematician, statistician and sociologist. Adolphe founded and directed the Brussels Observatory. He was influential in introducing statistical methods to the social sciences..

Who is adolph shickelgruber?

Hitler's father, Alois Schiklgruber was born out of wedlock to Marie Anna Schicklgruber who later married Johann Georg Heidler. Heidler was also variously spelled Hitler. I don't recall if Johann Georg was Alois' father, but he gave him his family name, thus he (Hitler's father) became Alois Heidler (MORE)

How old is Adolphe d'Archiac?

Adolphe d'Archiac was born on September 24, 1802 and died on December 24, 1868. Adolphe d'Archiac would have been 66 years old at the time of death or 212 years old today.

How did Aloise Adolph Hitler die?

Aloise Hitler, the father of Adolf Hitler, died 3 January 1903 after collapsing at Gasthaus Wiesinger at #1 Michaelsbergstrasse, Leonding, Austria. Cause of death is suspected to have been an pleural effusion (PE), but is uncertain.

Why did Adolph Hitler do what he did?

Hitler did what he did for largely the same reasons you do what you do and everyone else does what they do. This is basic human behavior. Let me try it this way: People do what they do for two reasons, they want to, or they need to. Here's the thing, those two reasons boil down to one really, they (MORE)