When did Amanda Perez die?

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As of early 2017, singer-songwriter Amanda Perez (born May 24, 1980) is still alive.

What school does Amanda Perez go too?

Amanda Perez, singer and song writer, from Fort Wayne, IN is no longer in school. I believe she graduated somewhere around 2000 from Northside High School in Fort Wayne, IN.

Who is Selena Perez?

Selena Perez is a Hispanic singer who started singing at a VERY young age. Selena became very famous and had many fans from all over the UnitedStates and in Mexico. Selena was part of the band "Selena y los Dinos". Selena married Chris Perez against her fathers will, but after she did it her father (MORE)

What kind of accident did puchi Perez die from?

Hector's grandson lived with Puchi. And he was telling me that she got locked in her apartment. She lived in a first story apartment. She got locked into a room and decided to go out a window and go around to the front. As she was stepping out the window, he says, "I saw her. I was outside, and I sa (MORE)

Who is Perez Hilton?

He's an American blogger who dishes the most recent gossip for us to be 'in the know'. His site is www.perezhilton.com. Check it out. PS. Miley fans, dont get upset; Perez only tells the truth so he bags on her a lot. Sorry!

Who is Amanda Perez?

Amanda Perez is a famous singer. She had a few songs that many people might know. Sonme songs of hers are "angel" or "Candy Kisses". She is very talented and I hope this helps :)

How did Selena Quintanilla-Perez die?

Selena Quintanilla Perez (April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995) Yolanda Saldivar, the president of Selena's fan club and boutique,shot Selena on March 31, 1995. On Friday March 31,1995 Selena had confronted Yolanda Saldivarabout finance papers that was stolen. To get out of the situation,Saldivar lied (MORE)

Where is Nez Perez?

The Nez Perce Indians are a tribe that lived in the PacificNorthwest of the United States. For years they have called theNational Historic Parks home.

Where did Selena quintanilla Perez die?

Selena died in the Days Inn hotel in Room 150. To escape discussion of the missing paper work. She told Selena that she had been raped. After finding no proof of rape, Selena went back to the hotel. Selena told Yolanda that she can't trust her any more. She took of the friendship ring that Yolanda g (MORE)

How did Selena Perez die?

Yolanda Saldivar her fan club president. She was jealous and she knew she was about to get fired because she knew she was guilty. She claims that it was a accident but the gun had to have a certain amout of pressure to go off. She knew what she was doing and when Selena turned her back Yolanda pulle (MORE)

Where is Melina Perez?

She is on vacation because she kept on doing the splits to much in the ring and i think she is in the hospital. that's why they are getting a new divas champ and she might retire because she is 30 years old=( poor Melina i hope she gets better real soon. say your prayers for Melina ok.

Is Amanda Perez still alive today?


What day did Selena Quintanilla Perez die?

Selena died on March 31, 1995 after being shot by Yolanda Saldivar, her fan club president. Answer Selena died March 31, 1995. She was shot to death. Her manager and fan club-president ,Yolanda Saldivar,killed her. Trying to avoid the subject of her taking money from Selena's boutiques, she ( (MORE)

Is Amanda Perez a lesbian?

YES. She is. Some people claim she is bisexual, but she is a lesbian. There's nothing wrong with that... In fact, i think it's a good thing, but the person who said she is "100% straight" is 100% wrong. why do i still know who she is? i live in fort wayne. lol. No

How did Amanda grace collette die?

I'll tell you exactly how she died. On a fatefulWednesday morning, November 12,2008, she came to school a little late. I'm pretty sure she thought that it would be a normal day. But little did she know, it was going to be her last day on this damned planet. She was shot by the snack machine during t (MORE)

How and when did Selena Perez die?

Selena Quintanilla Perez died on March 31st, 1995. She had an argument with Yolanda Saldivar over missing financial papers, and when she turned to go out the door to get help, Yolanda shot Selena in the back. The bullet traveled through Selena's right shoulder, and severed a major artery. Selena (MORE)

Why did Selena quintanilla Perez die?

selena died because yolanda salviar went to a gun shop bought a 357gun and they met at a motel then selena started arguing withyolanda then selena turned to leave then yolanda got her 357revolver gun and shot selena in the back then selena walked fast tothe entrance of the motel then she died right (MORE)

Who is lesley Perez?

lesley Perez is a little 4 year old who got kidnapped by raul O. yesterday may 12,09 in a field in front of her house at 9 p.m. while with her big sister. :( poor lesley she lives near me;(

Is Amanda Perez Selena Perez sister?

think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. so no Amanda Perez who ever that is, is not Selena's sister, Selena's only (MORE)

How did Amanda jablonka die?

how about instead 0f being nosy you mind your buisness. she was a young 15 yr old girl and her family is still very upset. i hope for u that i dont find out who answerd or asked this question....

Amanda Perez What Race Is she?

Her father is Mexican American and her mother was Irish,Dutch,mexican American. I know because her mom was my sister.

Is Amanda Perez a Christian?

Amanda Perez is an R&B singer. She was discovered in FortWayne. It is not known if she is a Christian, but she does singsongs about praying.

Why did Selena Quintanilla-Perez die?

The president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar, murdered Selena. Selena had visited Yolanda at her Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi, TX to retrieve missing financial records in the wake of Yolanda having embezzled money from Selena's fan club.. I suppose the real tragedy occurred when it beca (MORE)

Is Amanda Perez related to Selena Perez?

no think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. but no they have no actual contact with each other

Did Amanda Bynes die?

No, Amanda Bynes is still alive. No, she did not die in 2013. She is alive. Amanda Bynes was alive in 2013. Yes, Amanda Bynes is still alive as of September 11th, 2015.

Is Amanda Perez mom dead?

Amanda's mom died on Sept. 10,2007. The cause of death was cancer. Her mother Linda was my sister.

Did Amanda die in saw iii?

Yes, unfortunately she did die, she was shot by Jeff, the husband of Lynn whom she had just shot herself. Amanda was the best character aswell....!

Who is Perez in the Bible?

Perez or Pharez was a twin son of Judah and Tamar. His twin brother's name was Zarah. Little of his personal life is known. His descendants were notable in the time of King David and also after the captivity.

Who is beto Perez?

Beto Perez is the man who founded Zumba, the latin-inspired fiteness dance workout. An amazing man with an inspiring story and much to offer the world.

Who is Jacob Perez?

Jacob Anthony Perez (born April 21, 1996) is a member of the boy band Mindless Behavior, using the stage name Princeton.

Is amanda perez and selena perez sisters?

no they are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE okay who ever said that^^ um no one asked if they were the same person, but anyways think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change (MORE)

Did Selena Perez quintanilla die in 1997?

No. She died on March 31, 1995, 16 days before her 24th birthday. The film about her life was released in 1997 and the film went into pre-production shortly after her death

How did Amanda todd die?

Amanda was tormented by bullies both in person and online. Due to their behavior, she committed suicide in her BC home.

What is the style of Amanda Perez music?

Amanda Perez is an R&B music artist. As such, her style of music reflects contemporary R&B - a popularized form of rhythm and blues with mainly soul and funk influences.

Where can one view the Amanda Perez Angel song?

With so many media outlets, it is quite easy to view Amanda Perez Angel song via a computer, TV, tablet or even a cell phone. Some of these devices offer applications to look up and download at a cost to keep the video or view it for free by watching a commercial first.

Who is Alex Perez?

shes really nice and she is also really funny and she is not in thesame room as me now.

What is the possessive of Perez?

The correct singular possessive form is Perez's . However, some people treat a singular noun ending in 'z' as theywould a singular noun ending in 's'. There are two acceptedpossessive forms for singular nouns ending in 's': Add an apostrophe (') after the existing s at the end of the word:Paris' A (MORE)

When did Daniela Perez die?

Daniela Perez died on December 28, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil of murdered by co-star.

When did Dante Perez die?

Dante Perez died on May 28, 2013, in Quezon City, Philippines of lung infection and untreated pneumonia.