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When did Burma become Myanmar?

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Burma officially became the Union of Myanmar in 1989 however the new name is not universally recognised.
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How do you become a lawyer or a prosecutor in Myanmar?

At first, you need to go to the university as a law student.After you completed your degree in law major you have to choose three different ways such as a Judicial officer, pr

Where is Burma?

  Answer   Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and Thailand.   Burma, now called Myanmar is located in souther

Does Myanmar Burma have internet service?

Yes, if course Myanmar has internet service. It includes dial up, ADSL broadband, Wimax, Skynet and IP star. ADSL is widely used and speed is up to 2048 kbps. Mobile internet

Did Myanmar become Burma?

According to wikipedia, Burma's official name is Union of Myanmar.   Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burma   Further information: However, Myanmar was originally know

Why did Burma become Myanmar?

to eliminate the colonial name of Burma

Do not in myanmar?

The mountainous state is bordering with Bangladesh and India on the west, and Rakhine state on the south, Magwe and Sagaing divisons on the east. The whole region is made up o

When did Burma become a part of India?

Burma was never part of India. Burma was once "added" as a province of India after the British conquest of Burma in 1885, but broke away in 1936.

Why do people call Myanmar Burma?

In the Burmese language Burma can be called either Myanmah or Bama. During British Colonial rule the country was called Burma in English. In 1989 the military Govt. officially

Do government leaders follow the rule of law in burma or Myanmar?

No. The military government in Myanmar is beyond the authority of the law. They cannot be sued or indicted on any charge. Additionally, legal and court proceedings are heavily

What is Burma known as?

Officially, Burma has been renamed the Union of Myanmar, however some countries, especially the western nations, refuse to recognise this change of name imposed by the militar