When did George Washington end being a president?

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1779 i think
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How did George Washington become president?

George Washington was elected according to the procedure indicated in the newly ratified Constitution. As a successful military figure, as well as head of the Constitutional Convention, he was a natural choice as a national leader for the new United States. George Washington held the ragtag Colonial (MORE)

Did George Washington like being president?

No can only answer this question with an oppinion nobody really knows but he did give us the white house starting with just a stone cornor peice so if you think of all the great things he did for our country it makes you wonder he must have liked being president somewhat to do all the great things h (MORE)

Was George Washington a good president?

George Washington by almost all historians' accounts was a very good President. His major drawback was that he was a slave owner. He did, however free and provide money and education to the slaves which he owned, in his will. No other slave owner President ever did that again.

Why was George Washington a good president?

Washington was smart and had a gift of discernment. He had great character and unquestioned integrity. His ability to listen to all sides of a discussion before making a decision were without equal. Where his education lacked, he got others on his cabinet who could more than make up for it and advis (MORE)

Who was president before George Washington?

Prior to the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) and the ratification of the US Constitution in 1788, there was no president. Following the completion of the Constitution, the first elected President of the United States was George Washington, in 1789. During the First and Second Continental Congress, (MORE)

What did George Washington do during his presidency?

With Washington's inauguration on April 30, 1789, the presidency of George Washington continued George Washington's significant leadership role over the United States. President Washington entered office with the full support of the national and state leadership, and established the executive and ju (MORE)

What did George Washington do after being president?

After leaving the Presidency in 1797, George Washington retired to Mount Vernon, his plantation in Virginia, and tried to resume the life of a farmer and plantation owner. His advice was often sought by the political leaders of the US. From 1798 until his death in 1799, he held a commission as Lie (MORE)

Was George Washington a president?

George Washinton was the first US president and is referred to as the Father of the country. yes Yes, George Washington was the first President of the United States. Yes, George Washington was the first US president. Yes, George Washington was the 1st president of the United States.

Why was George Washington not the first president?

John Hanson was the first president of the Continental Congress which was a loose confederation of the colonies that soon declared their independence from Britain and later banded together to form the United States of America. Hanson's job was mostly to chair meetings --- he had no powers at all lik (MORE)

What did George Washington do after his presidency?

Although Washington reluctantly accepted command of the army in 1798 when war with France seemed imminent, he did not assume an active role. He preferred to spend his last years in happy retirement at Mount Vernon. In mid-December, Washington contracted what was probably quinsy or acute laryngitis; (MORE)

Who was president after George Washington?

John Adams became the President of the US after George Washington. John Adams of Massachusetts became the second President of the US on 1797 March 4 and served one term as president, with Thomas Jefferson as Vice President. Adams was previously Washington's Vice President. Adams was a member of the (MORE)

Where did President George Washington die?

George Washington, the first President of the independent United States, was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, in what was then called British America, on February 22, 1732, and died in Mount Vernon, Virginia, on December 14, 1799, at the age of 67.

What did George Washington do before he was the president?

At the age of 17 (1748) he became a land surveyor in Culpeper County, Virginia. He was an officer in the Virginia Militia from 1754 to 1759 during the French and Indian War. He worked as a surveyor until he inherited a large plantation which he managed. Besides planting crops, he had a large whiskey (MORE)

What were George Washington qualifications as president?

The qualifications for president are that they must: . be a natural born citizen of the United States of America, . at least thirty five years old, . be a resident of the US for at least fourteen years, . and win a majority of votes in the national election by the electoral college.

Why did George Washington be the 1st president?

He a the general of a war and everyone voted him to become president because his bravery in the war. P.S. He was the first president under the constitution the, The adams family was the first, basically there was 16 president before him but he was the first under the constitution like i said befo (MORE)

Was president George Washington a lawyer?

No, George Washington was a land surveyor. After that point he mainly was a military man fighting in both the French and Indian War as well as being in charge of the American Revolutionary troops. After the revolution, Washington wanted to retire to Mount Vernon but he was called upon to be presiden (MORE)

Did president George Washington have slaves?

Yes he did. He was a rich VA planter and had a working plantation so he had slaves. I saw a history channel program last night that stated he may have also fathered a child by a slave named Venus. This was very common and the boy was taken care of by the Washington family and is buried at Mt. Vernon (MORE)

What did George Washington do as President of the US?

As the first US President, Washington oversaw the treaties with Europe that were enacted, established the executive branch and appointed the first Cabinet secretaries, and supported the ratification of the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution. He directed the building of the new National Capital (MORE)

Why was George Washington elected president?

he was elected because he was the general George Washington was a leader at the Continental Congresses. Hecommanded the army that defeated the British in the AmericanRevolution and chaired the Constitutional Convention. He was knownas the father of his country for a good reason. He had nomeaningful (MORE)

Where there presidents before George Washington?

yes there was .there were 10 before george washington because they hold office for only 1 year.when the redifacation of the congress( or the constitution) is when george washington took office.9SORRY FOR THE SPELLING.

Did George Washington take presidency in Washington?

When George Washington was president we didn't even have the state of Washington. He became president right after the Revolutionary War. And we didn't get the state until after he was dead. But it is named after A George Washington, but not our 1st president.

What did George Washington change as president?

Since he was the first President he didn't change anything. He could only set what would be. How he acted, what he was called, and how he made decisions would set the bar for all presidents after him.

What are George Washingtons years of presidency?

George Washington took his oath of office on April 30,1789 at Federal Hall in New York City.In 1790 England went to war.In 1791 the Bill Of Rights was signed.In 1792 Washington was unanimously reelected.In 1793 war broke out between England and France.In 1794 196 Englanders were forced to marched to (MORE)

What are facts about George Washington as a president?

Washington loved ice cream so much he had 3 ice cream freezers at Mt. Vernon. He was the biggest brewer of VA whisky in the colonies, and he knew how to spin congress. A good example of this is his reports to congress concerning Valley Forge. He reports he needs more funds, but the truth is that the (MORE)

Why did George Washington stop being a president?

His second term expired and he did not want to seek a third termbecause he thought it would be a dangerous precedent to set andbecause he was getting older and wanted to spend his time at homewith his wife and manage his plantation.

Was George Washington running for president?

George Washington was the first president of the U.S.A. When he was 21 he was sent by the British to tell the French to get out of their territory. He never told a lie. Legeand has it that he cut down a cherry tree. You wonder why that was so important. Well, back then they were respected because of (MORE)

Who was George Washingtons president?

I don't understand the question, but I thinkg this is what you want to know: George Washington was the first president of the United States of America.

Why did George Washington step down from being president?

Washington was actively involved in the American revolution, in setting up the new government and serving as the first President, for over 20 years. He wanted to go home to his wife and his plantation. Also, he believed that it was bad for the country to have a President serve for more than two ter (MORE)