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When did Hitler say Those who want to live let them fight and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live?

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He actually says this Page 289 of Mein Kampf
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What did pope promise those fighting in the crusades?

The pope promised remission of sins to all those who fought in the  crusade. In other words he promised all those who fought would be  spiritually cleansed all of their sins

Why did Australian men want to fight in World War 1?

this is my history essay you. Why did Australians volunteer to go to war in 1914? Australians volunteered to go to war for four main reasons. Firstly, Australians where patri

Why would men want to fight in World War 1?

Nearly all of the men who fought in WW1 were drafted. As for the people who did volunteer, they wanted to get away from home, wanted to serve their country, or just wanted to

Did America want to fight in World War 2?

No America were forced into the war because they got bombed at pearl harbour. They prefered to rahter profit from the war through loans to Britain instead of actually helping.

What type of people did Hitler want living in Germany?

Tall Germanic White preferably blue eyed blonde's. His ideas coincided with much of the thinking that was happening at the time in western Europe and parts of the United state

What do you do when a girl wants to fight you and you really don't want to fight her?

You can try to talk to her and reason with her in a calm way. If this is ineffective, you must tell an adult figure: your parents or guardian, teachers, school counselor, or p
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How old do you have to be to say where you want to live?

Answer . \nChildren that can speak for themselves have a lot of say in the courts as to where they want to live. It's best to sit down with both your parents and express y

What if my boyfriend of almost 6 years wont marry me we have lived together almost all of those years but he doesn't want to commit what should i do?

wait one more year. if he doesn't show that he would commit, you should maybe leave him. but you should also ask some of his friends. they know him better than most people wou