When did Iraq become Iraq?

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In 1932, Britain granted independence to Iraq. They established Iraq as a Kingdom and later a Republic intentionally to cause religious strife within the country between the three tribes to prevent a rise of power in Iraq.
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Will the war in Iraq become World War 3?

Answer . Opinionated Answer*\n . \nI highly doubt it. I would not call mere insurgency a war, or a WW3 for that matter, considering it's not involving many countries and that it is only a minor hostility. It is believed that WW3 will be conducted on the basis of nuclear warfare.

Who are important in Iraq?

An important person in Iraq is the prime minister. The prime minister is like a president in the United States. The prime minister has a 4 year term and he can run for a maximum of 2 years. the current prime minister is Nouri al-Maliki.

Why is the US in Iraq?

Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11! The NeoCons just wanted an excuse to takeover Iraq and get their money grubbing fingers on Iraq's oil. At first they made up the lie that Iraq had WMDs, but after the invasion no WMDs were found in Iraq. They then came up with the excuse that they wanted to spread (MORE)

What is the capital of Iraq?

The capital city of Iraq is Baghdad. However, because of the increasing semi-independence of IraqiKurdistan and the recent (2014) violence in Sunni-dominated Anbarprovince and nearby Sunni-majority areas, the government in Baghdaddoes not directly control large portions of the country. Therefore, (MORE)

Where is Kirkuk Iraq?

Kirkuk is a city in the north of Iraq that is considered a Kurdish cultural capital and has a Kurdish plurality.

Where is Iraq?

It's in the Middle East; between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. Check a map of the Middle East for more info. It is located in the middle east Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iran and Kuwait. 34 o 00 N, 43 o 00 E Iraq is on the continent of Asia . It is also on a sub-c (MORE)

Who founded Iraq?

Iraq is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world, beginningwith the Sumerian civilization. It gained independence from GreatBritain in 1932.

Why is Iraq called Iraq?

Iraq in Arabic (which is the official language there) means the land between the 2 rivers. it also means the land in which its green grass stretches out until it almost looks black.

Why are we in Iraq?

for oil. the official reason is that we are trying to establish democracy/peace there (Iraq never asked us for democracy, that isn't necessarily the best form of govt.). 2nd answer: Not for oil. After the war started, Iraq did not pump any oil for years, and is now only starting to pump some oil. (MORE)

Were is Iraq?

Iraq is in some part of Asia, you should look on google to look for a map for asia. . Iraq is part of the Middle East, which is part of Asia.. It is:. South of eastern Turkey. West of Iran (Persia). North/West of the Persian Gulf (a sea, not a country). North of Sad Arabia & Kuwait. East of (MORE)

Does Iraq have the potential to become a great nation?

Answer 1 Yes it can be. It has the 3 most oil in the world. God bless it. Answer 2 Yes, but this only because the question is phrased in such a way topreclude a "no" answer, not because such an improvement isnecessarily likely. First, the term "great nation" is incredibly vague. It could mean:( (MORE)

Why do you have war with Iraq?

The US is NOT at war with the Government of Iraq. The US/Coalition, is trying to establish/restore law, order, and stability to the nation. The US is at war with terrorists globally for attacking the USA on September 11, 2001. The terrorists attacked America first, and America has the right to defen (MORE)

What was the war in Iraq about?

That is the $5,000,000 question, Bush and his entourage of neo conservatives decided to invade Iraq on the pretext that they had and were intending to use weapons of mass destruction, as we all know now there were no WMD's so the real reason for the invasion may never be known to us, some say contro (MORE)

Does Iraq have a President?

Yes. Iraq has a president and currently that man is Jalal Talabani (the first Kurdish President of Iraq). However, most powers are vested in the Prime Minister who is at this point Nouri Al-Maliki. (Written May 30, 2012)

What does electricity have to do with the Iraq?

Electricity production currently is below 6000 megawatt while the needs reach up tp 10000 MW, so houses are more than 12 hrs deprived from power, on the other hands public roads are seldomly lightened even no traffic signals. Should you look for further details, you visit. http://en.wikipedia.org/w (MORE)

What is the outcome for Iraq in the Iraq war?

The outcome of this war for Iraq will ultimately mean freedom. America (with allied help) has freed Iraq of their tyrant leader and is aiding them with the creation of an army and new government. Unless President Obama pulls American troops out too early, in which case the people of Iraq will suffer (MORE)

Who are allies of Iraq?

there's no allies of Iraq because even Iran and all the Arab country doesnt want the situation to be improved.

What is the religion of Iraq?

Answer 1 Iraq's religion is mostly Shi'a Islam, although there are a significant number of Sunni Muslims too. Answer 2 The most popular faith in Iraq is far and away Islam, whose adherents count between 85-95% of the country (estimates are hard to attain due to much immigration and emigration (MORE)

When did Iraq get the name Iraq?

Al-Iraq literally means "the land between [the two] rivers" in Arabic. The name comes as a result of the Arabic translation of the region's former Greek Name "Mesopotamia" which means exactly the same thing. The name Al-Iraq (in the Arabic) to refer to the territory first became commonly used in the (MORE)

Why is the war in Iraq there?

The War in Iraq is in Iraq is a tautology. The reason it is called the Iraq War is specifically because it is in Iraq.

Where is Iraq and Iran?

Iraq is right next to Iran below Asia. Just in case you don't know Iran is pronounced like Eron.

When did Mesopotamia become Iraq?

The area of the Middle East defined as Mesopotamia evolved gradually into a more clearly defined region known as 'Iraq' when it was under Arab rule, between the 10th and 13th Centuries. Iraq means 'old' in Arabic- it was so named because it covered the areas known to have been the cradle of the olde (MORE)

How many iraq soldiers are in iraq?

Well this question needs to be more specific as in American Soldiers, British Soliders.. But I assume you mean American Soldiers and there are about 20,000 left. As of November 25, 2011.

Was Iraq colonized?

Officially, No, but many consider it to be because the power thatthe British exercised over Iraq during its mandate-period resemblescolonization. Iraq was part of the Mandate System and as such, the Britishexpended a great deal of manpower to "modernize" and "control" thecountry. Officially, howeve (MORE)

Are uavs in Iraq?

Yes, UAVs are in Iraq. There are many different types ranging from reconnaissance aircraft to UAVs that fire 2 Hellfire missiles. Most in Iraq are operated by the USAF but the Navy has UAVs, too. Unlike CODMW3(which ruins every good part and the training and dedication it takes to be in the military (MORE)

Can Iraq vote?

Yes, Iraqis can vote, infact they just held a general election around a month ago.

Were is the Iraq war?

Most of the middle East. Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, and probably many more. By Mr. Happy Guy.

Does Iraq have tigers?

No - Iraq does not have tigers, although they were once found on the Northern borders of Iran and Turkey. As of 1990, Tigers are limited to SE Asia (with some in the NE of China and SE of Russia).

How Did Iraq and the US Become Enemies?

Well the United States of America known as USA became enemies with Iraq/afghaninstain because George W Bush said a big lie that Sadam send Iraqi/terrorists to "DESTROY" the TWIN TOWERS in New York.And then the George W Bush send troops to Iraq Pakistan Iran and way other states and that (MORE)

What traditions does Iraq have?

Iraqi culture has had a marked effect on the Middle East, especially in the arts and letters. During the Middle Ages, Iraq and its main city Baghdad have been key centers in the Abbassid Caliphate's blooming literary and scientific culture. Many Islamic Studies, such as Fiqh took place in Iraq. Iraq (MORE)

What does Iraq do for Halloween?

they do nothing because the y are not allowed to celebrate Halloween because it'against there realign to celebrate Halloween so don't go and tell they why they can't celebrate Halloween it's not nice to do that

Is Iraq laandlocked?

From first glance, it would seem it is. Upon further inspection, however, the south eastern border (along the border of Kuwait) is in contact with the Arabian Sea. A landlocked state must be completely surrounded by land, which Iraq is not.

When did Jalal Talabani become President of Iraq?

Jalal Talabani He assumed office on 2005 April 7 as the first elected president of Iraq under the country's newconstitution, created after Saddam Hussein was deposed. He is alsothe first non-Arab president of Iraq, since he is a Kurd inaccordance with the New Iraqi Constitution. After the election (MORE)

Is Iraq a terrorist?

No. Iraq is a country and terrorists are exclusively humans. Thereare currently a high number of terrorists in Iraq, but the majorityof Iraqis are normal civilians caught up in a horrible civil warand/or insurgency.

What are the livestock in Iraq?

Common livestock in Iraq includes cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, and the Arabian horse is also extensively bred. A common animal is the al-Qaeda, usually found in secret compounds.

What was the Iraq genocide?

The Iraq genocide represents a series of events in which US Marines and the British Armed Forces systematically executed civillian personell at the time during and just after the Gulf war. The whole genocide was later pushed under the rug by State Department and CIA.

Is Iraq a theocracy?

No Iraq is not a theocracy at the moment. Iraq, since before the formal naming of the Iraqi nation as Iraq and before many of the religions themselves, had been a civilized nation with a strong culture for millenniums. Religions were gradually embraced upon their arrivals with no particular revolut (MORE)

What year was Iraq called Iraq?

The term Iraq has existed as a regional term in Arabic forMesopotamia more or less since the Arab conquest of Mesopotamia inthe 7th century C.E. However, as the name of an independent orquasi-independent region, it only gained the name Iraq in 1919,when it was designated as the British Mandate for I (MORE)

How do you say Iraq in Iraq?

Iraq is not a language. Iraqis speak Arabic and the name for Iraq in Arabic is Al-Iraq which is pronounced Al-ee-raw-k.

What is Erbil Iraq?

Erbil is a city in the north Iraq, located mainly in Kurdistan region and it's the capital city of Kurdistan. Erbil is also called Arbil or Hawler where is a very safe and one of the most fast-growing city in the middle east, Erbil became the capital of tourism of the Arabic country for 2014 for it' (MORE)

What was a cause of the Iraq-Iraq war?

There is no such thing as an Iraq-Iraq War. Iran-Iraq War If the question intends to ask about the Iran-Iraq War of1980-1988, several causes of that war include: . Oil-rich regions along the border and access to the PersianGulf. . Religion: Saddam Hussein was a Secular Sunni and RuhollahKhomein (MORE)

Are terrorists from Iraq?

There are some terrorists from Iraq. However, most Iraqis are not terrorists, and most terrorists are not from Iraq.