When did Jesus Christ become a Christian?

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You can't really say that Jesus Christ was a Christian since "Christian" means follower of Christ (literally it means Christ-like). He was more the Father of Christianity. The faith itself is based completely on his life, teachings, death, and resurrection.

Another Answer:

Jesus was never a Christian, but remained a Jew throughout his life. The book Rabbi Jesus, by the Anglican priest (and founder of the Institute of Advanced Theology) Bruce Chilton, deals with this fact, and explains that Jesus remained loyal to his religion and was a respected teacher of Judaism in his era. Some scholars, such as John Dominic Crossan, in his The Birth of Christianity, have argued that Jesus's disciples became Christians as a result of their transformative experience of the Resurrection, but even Crossan doesn't allege that Jesus was a Christian.

The Gospel-writers referred to Jesus as specifically a "rabbi" in Matthew 26:25&49; Mark 9:5, 11:21, 14:45; and John 1:38&49, 3:2, 4:31, 6:25, 9:2, 11:8, and 20:16.

So, the Gospel-writers recognized that Jesus was not only a Jew but a "rabbi."

Matthew 28:18-20 is the only non-Judaic thing that Jesus was alleged to have taught. If you copy what's in parentheses here ("The Authenticity of Matthew 28:19" "Online Truth") and paste it into a search box, you will see one of many arguments that the passage was added, not authentic. However, stronger evidence of this is that the earliest-written of the canonical Gospel accounts of Jesus, which was Mark, had no such passage: it ended in Mark 16:8. The earliest two manuscripts of Mark, both of which date from the 4th Century, both lack that passage, but someone later added, to Mark, 16:9-20. Consequently, all of the earliest-written evidence is consistent that Jesus never left the Jewish faith, and that he would be shocked and appalled that, in violation of the first three of the Ten Commandments, Christians are baptized in the name of this man whose disciples called him "Rabbi."
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