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When did Kodak discontinue manufacturing 35mm film?

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They still make lots of 35mm film.
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Can developed 35mm film be taken and put on a disc?

  Your local photofinishing retail outlet might offer this service, but they will usually only do this at the time of development. If you need or want to do this, you will

Where can I get Seattle Filmworks 35mm film developed in Louisville KY?

I can tell you how to process it yourself... Seattle Filmworks film was motion picture film, which runs in Kodak process ECN-2. The formula for the developer is at http://mo

How many megapixels would it take to equal a 35mm film maximum quality?

    The short answer is that a modern 24-megapixel digital SLR offers around the same level of resolution as a good film scanned in a modern minilab. Ken Rockwell

Is the polaroid 600 film discontinued?

Yes in fact it is, if you want it made by Polaroid that is. Though the Impossible project does sell the film online for 600 cameras. If you want it any cheaper than that go

What are the actual measurements of 35mm film?

    Answer     The actual 'image' area of the film measures 36mm x 24mm     Answer     There were three image sizes for 35mm cameras:   

Where is Kodak film manufactured?

    Kodak has always been based in Rochester, New York. I don't know if some of their film is manufactured overseas or not.     Answer     Kodak has pl

What is a discontinuous film?

  Answer   A film which is not continuous.  In other words, there are breaks, gaps or other interruptions in the film.  For example, if the material was conductive

What is the use of continuity and discontinuity in film making?

Continuity -- or the lack of it -- can engage audiences deeply, or put them off. Continuity is the order or sequence of events. For example, an actor's wardrobe must be exact