When did Victor Frankenstein was born and die?

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Mary Shelley intentionally left the dates vague to promote the idea of mystery and gothic themes, and to make it so you couldn't pinpoint right when he lived.
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Does the monster kill victor Frankenstein?

In the original book by Mary Shelley, the monster becomes a murderer. His maker, Dr Frankenstein, hunts him down with the intention of killing him, but it is the Dr who gets mortally wounded by the monster. They are at the North Pole at the time, and the story ends with the monster being borne away (MORE)

Why does Victor Frankenstein create the monster?

Victor Frankenstein creates the monster for the sake of pure glory, for immortality, both in name and literally. He had become consumed by his quest for greatness, a mission to have his name passed through generations as the man who had created life. He also creates the monster for the idea of being (MORE)

Why did victor create Frankenstein?

Viktor Frankenstein wanted to become a god and create life. Frankenstein hated death after his mother passed away, so he set out to try and overcome death so that mankind could live forever. The result of this was The Creature.

What does victor Frankenstein want to achieve?

Victor Frankenstein is searching for the secret of life and wants to find the immortality. He wants to illuminate the mystery of life and death so he tries to create a manlike creature.

Is victor Frankenstein a tragic hero?

No! Not at all! He is, in fact, an antihero. This is one who is characterized by a lack of heroic qualities, such as idealism, or courage. They have a tendency to be selfish and have their own moral compass. They put their own desires and ambitions before others. Their determination will turn into a (MORE)

In Frankenstein why does Victor hate his creature?

Because his creature is monstrous in appearance. Victor also regrets tampering with nature and the natural order of things once he witnesses the anomaly that his monster has proven to be. However the reader can later perceive that though monstrous in appearance the creature is really sensitive, inte (MORE)

In Frankenstein does Victor Frankenstein complete his monster?

Yes, Frankenstein does complete his monster, but he leaves the creature out to die since he was not an angel like he thought he would be! So, Frankenstein's monster goes after Frankenstein, his creator, and tries to kill him. But, in the end of the story, he kills himself!

How does Victor Frankenstein feel about his parents?

Viktor loved both of his parents. It was his depression after his mother's death that drove him to fight death and creature the creature. He greatly respected his father, as we can see when Frankenstein Sr visits his son in prison.

In the book Frankenstein what does Victor dream?

'I was disturbed by the wildest dreams, I thought I saw Elizabeth, in the bloom of health, walking in the streets of Ingolstadt. Delighted and surprised I embraced her; but as I imprinted the first kiss on her lips they became livid with the hue of death; her features appeared to change, and I thoug (MORE)

What did Victor Frankenstein go to College for?

To study medicine. it is not quite clear in the original novel whether Victor Frankenstein, admittedly a mad scientist- is actually a Medical Doctor, but the popular mind calls him Dr. Frankenstein. an oddity of the monstrous sort is the chance fact there is a town in Germany called Frankenstein- an (MORE)

Did victor in Frankenstein take drugs?

yes, in chapter 21, victor is taking to see the person he so called murdered with was Henry Clerval, he was really sad and thrown into jail and their he fell into sickness, as the nurses were helping him heal, him and mr. kirwin became quite close, later mr kirwin announces that victors father is he (MORE)

How was victor Frankenstein selfish?

One, he created the monster. He did out of pure self-indulgence, a desire to wield the power of life. His lack of contact with his family, his stealing corpses from gravesites...this points to a purely selfish need to discover knowledge. Two, once his creature is living, he immediately runs away, cl (MORE)

What is victors creations name in Frankenstein?

His creation does not have a name, although it's usually referredto as the Creature or the "wretched" Monster. The fact that Victornever names him is another sign of Victor's inhumanity andinability to give parental and familial love.

How does victor Frankenstein feel about his creation?

In the book, Victor made his monster to be beautiful... and then it came alive. After running from it and falling asleep, he wakes to find the monster reaching for him, and he believes the monster is trying to attack him. from then on, he loathes it with all his being. he feels hate, fear, and a sen (MORE)

What was Victor Frankenstein situation in Frankenstein?

He wants to create life (influenced by his mothers death) and takes parts from dead corpses. He completely cuts contact from his family and fiancee and makes this monster. When it comes to life, it is ugly, yellow skin, flowing black hair. but covered in scars from the stitches. He has no name apa (MORE)

How does victors mother die in Frankenstein?

When her adopted daughter, Elizabeth, contracts the scarlet fever, she nurses her back to health. However, the effort and time weakens Victor's mother and she gets the fever from Elizabeth.

What is victor Frankenstein lack of responsibility?

Victor lacks responsibility as he abandons his creation and takes no responsibility for it so therefore he lacks parental responsibilities Also he breaks his promise to protect Elizabeth, after he promised that she was "mine to protect" and so she is murdered by the creature he also breaks his pro (MORE)

What does Victor fear Frankenstein creature will do?

Victor fears the creature's power. He fears that it will harm his family, friends, and other people with his size, strength, and frightening appearance. He's also afraid that, if a female creature is created and they procreate, Victor will have been responsible for creating a race that is a danger t (MORE)