When did king Menes unite upper and lower Egypt?

king menes united upper and lower Egypt in 3100 bc.
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Was king menes black?

Yes if you look at a bust of him you will find hes black dont listen to eurocentrists
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Was Osiris or Menes the first pharaoh of Egypt?

Osiris was the first Pharoh of Egypt. He was murdered by his evil brother Seth. After death his wife tried to bring him back, but Seth found the body she was trying to resurre (MORE)

Are king menes and king narmer the same person?

To support all theories I believe that narmer and menes are the same person and i also believe aha is narmer and menes I believeit is all just one big name, Menes Aha Narmer a (MORE)

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What year did king Menes of Egypt reign?

Menes's reign of Egypt from 3407 to 3346 B.C. was treated as the dawn of Egyptian civilization in many classical histories. In earlier Egyptian lore he was called Ohe and Mena (MORE)

What is king menes famous quotes?

King Menes never existed; he was 'invented' as the first king of  Egypt's first dynasty by the historian Manetho in the 3rd century  BC. Some scholars think he might be base (MORE)

How did king Menes die?

   . King Menes died around the age of 62 around 3038 B.C. Many people say that King Menes died of being attacked by wild dogs,  Nile crocodiles, or a hippopotamus. (MORE)
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What did king menes look like?

Menes was an Egyptian pharaoh who lived in about the 5th Century  BC. There is very little information about what he might have  looked like, but most likely he was of avera (MORE)

What was king menes wife name?

Neithhotep is thought to have been the wife of the Egyptian king  Menes. Her name means literally that the "god Neith is satisfied".
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