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When did passengers first start traveling by airplane?

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Early Air Travel Very early flights for passengers were usually for pleasure rather than travel. It was such a novelty! As far as I know, the first scheduled flights for the public began to operate in about 1912, but only over short distances. Anything much more than 30 miles or so was rare at that stage. Austria claims to have been the first country to have had regular scheduled long-distance air services. Apparently they started to operate early in 1918 on the route Vienna - Krakow (now in Poland) - Lviv (now in the Ukraine). In 1918 these places were all in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Unfortunately, I don't have the mileage, but the distances would have run to some hundreds of miles. NOTE. Please check this, as it seems very early for the kind of distances. In the early days, flights seldom operated every day of the week and air travel was very expensive. Some years years ago I saw a replay of a film made in 1938 (so on eve of WW2) by British Imperial Airways of a flight from London to Bombay (now Mumbai) and Delhi, both then in British India. From what I remember the journey took three days. The passengers spent each night on the ground at a hotel and all dressed up terribly elegantly for dinner. :)
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