When did people started using the telephone?

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people started using telephones ..... well they used it when it was made ..... sorry that's all i can think of
you can go to ask . com and ask them or Google history
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How do people use telephones?

\n. \n Use of the Telphone \n. \nYou pick up one end, dial a number, and listen. They're used as communication devices.

Why do people use telephones?

\n. \n Answer 1 \n. \nVery simply, to communicate when the distance between them is too great to speak face to face. \n. \nBut sadly, on more than one occasion, I have observed two dummies, while side by side, communicating with each other on cellfones !!! I guess they thought it was "cute," (MORE)

How was the telephone used?

The first telephone was made with the knowledge that sound gave off waves due to vibrations, like the ripples in water. These sound waves were copied over onto carbon grains, which an electric current traveled through to make the grains vibrate. However, the different patterns of the grains altered (MORE)

When did people start using toothbrushes?

Toothbrushes have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, the first known toothbrushes were used about 5,000 years ago and were made of twigs. The Prophet Mohammed introduced the use of the miswak (toothbrush) to the middle east about 1,300 years ago. A Japanese writer who traveled in Chin (MORE)

When did people start using telephones?

Many inventors were working on the invention of similar communication devices, both in the US and Europe. On February 14, 1876, a man named Elisha Grey, who had invented a similar device, submitted to the US Patent Office his intent to file for a patent on his invention; on the same day, Bell filed (MORE)

How are telephones useful?

With the development of the virtual PBX system, we are able to have a more unified and sophisticated communication. This system is the result of the integration of the internet and telephone technologies where in we are able to control calls and messages anytime and anywhere we may be as long as our (MORE)

Why do people start using drugs?


When did bell telephone start in US?

On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell siad the first sentence on a telephone, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want to speak to you.". You are welcome

Why did people start using money?

they started out trading things that had a value all of their own but shaped so that the value could be known, gold silver and other metals shaped into coins were worth that amount because the material they were made of was worth that amount as the world became bigger and there was inflation in pric (MORE)

When did people start using dentures?

There's a whole history of dentures that can be found in the article on Answers.com at http://www.answers.com/topic/dentures .. According to the article, dentures were first made in 700 BC.

Why do people start using tobacco?

The most common reason is the fact that people are having bad times and or think that taking drugs or smoking tobacco will make their problems magically go away. The truth in my opinion is that taking drugs will only make problems worse in the long term but in short-term it may seem to make your pro (MORE)

When did people start using the gospel?

If you are referring to the written gospels such as Matthew, Mark etc, then these were used in churches and copied as soon as they were written. The synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke were all written and in use before 70 AD. The Gospel of John is considered to have been written somewhat lat (MORE)

How do deaf people use the telephone?

They just turn up the volume real high.. If you were completely deaf, turning up the volume wouldn't help. Deaf people use a machine that is something like a computer with a keyboard and a screen, so that they type their responses, then someone from the phone company reads their response to the per (MORE)

When did people start using amputation?

Amputations to remove a damaged limb (suchas in battle) havebeen performed since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. . http://health.howstuffworks.com/medicine/modern-treatments/amputation2.htm

When did people start to use silver?

People started using silver from ancient times. Now people still are using it to make other things like jewerly, ornaments and a lot of other things like that.

Why is telephone useful?

The telephone is useful because it saves you going to that Pearson The telephone was invented so you can talk to someone on the side of the world for as like as like!!\n\nIt is useful because it is device for making communication with another person. It is useful as well for a company who utilize a (MORE)

When did people start using email?

The very first email is a subject of some debate. Email was available on university and research computers in the middle 1980s. It began to be accepted by 'techies' by the late 80s. The concept that almost everyone should have email emerged in the middle 1990s.

Can Jewish people use telephone on Saturdays?

Firstly, in this question there is a misunderstanding of the 'day' of the Jewish Sabbath. Saturday is commonly believed among non-Jews to be the Sabbath. This is incorrect. The Jewish days begin at sundown. The Jewish Sabbath begins at the start of the seventh day of the week. Therefore, the Jewis (MORE)

When did people start using magnets?

well i kinda don't have an answer but i really need one now because i have a project due tomorrow and i have nothing so i need an answer soon.

When did people start using coins?

Coins have been in use since ancient times. Ancient Lydia, (not to be confused with Libya because it is in present day Turkey, near Greece in Europe. However, at around the same time, China's Zhou dynasty began making shape coins and round coins with square holes in them. To this day nobody knows wh (MORE)

Who used the telephone and why?

Any individual who who knows how to operate telephone are allowed to use it. Most businesses, offices and homes have it too. Telephone is mainly use to get connected to people or establishments in far distances. With the rise of the modern phone system such as the virtual PBX, communication has beco (MORE)

When did Georgia start using telephone area codes?

The U.S. state of Georgia began using area codes in 1947 with the rest of the US and Canada; at that time, the area code for the entire state was 404. The requirement to dial the area code on local calls ( i.e., to dial 404-555-0173 instead of just 555-0173) was introduced in preparation for the ov (MORE)

What is the use of the telephone?

Telephone is a device used to contact people in far distances. With the functions and features of modern phone system such as IP PBX , we are able to enjoy VoIP service, call forwarding, call screening and have total control over our communication lines through desktop call controller.

Why do people start using drug?

Well, there are many different reasons. But here are a few. Reason 1: Their friends start doing it, and tease them about how their not cool. Reason 2: People get bored and maybe have heard about how drugs "help". Reason 3: They resort to it when mad, depressed, or sad. Hope these answers helped!! :) (MORE)

When did people start using slaves?

Slavery is mentioned in some of the oldest human writing. It is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, and is covered in detail in Qur'an. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and many other ancient empires had slavery.

Why did people start using surnames?

Loosely utilizing the focus of time, it could be easily argued thata lack of creativity caused a wide variety of world cultures toseverely deplete the pool of personal, or given, names. However, onat least one other hand, they perhaps valued familial connectivity,and therefore honored that- with sur (MORE)

How was a telephone used?

you talk in the thingy and the other person hears it then they talkin the thingy and you hear it... SCIENCE! _|_

Why did people start using cars?

i think because they needed a new way of transport because before car it was horse and carriage so they might have wanted a new way around

What was useful about telephones?

What was so useful about telephones was that now people didn't have to go to their contacts or wait a couple days for them to respond to there mail. Instead they just had to click a few buttons and talk.

When did people start using tv?

the first public broadcast was in the 1920s so one could assume that people started using TV around the same time or a little later Yes, but ... The first practical television broadcasting equipment was developed in the 1920s. Over-the-air broadcasting started in the US in 1927 and in 1930 the (MORE)

When did people start to use glue?

when they needed to put things together like papper.when they made pappaer AND. :D The earliest known date for a simple glue is 200,000 BC and for a compound glue 70,000 BC.

When did people start using sextants?

When navigators wanted to be able to measure angles that were larger than about 60 degrees and the older octant wasn't long enough to do it. An octant has an arc of one eighth of a circle. (From the Latin prefix "octo" for eight.) The device uses a mirror as a doubling tool, so in theory an octant (MORE)

When did people start using helicopters?

Soon after WW2 helicopters became very popular, reaching a peak ofuse in the Vietnam war, when the US Army and Marines had morehelicopters than all the services regular airplanes

When did people start using wool?

Fleece-bearing animals and humans have lived in a symbiotic relationship since before humans taught themselves to write. This means that the date you seek has been lost to history.

Uses of telephone?

use in communicating it depends if it is a cell or home phone...cell donate it to a charity to help the less fortunate have theaccess to call 911 in emergencies you call somebody =D Answer Telephone helps us communicate infar distances. With the advance functions of the modern phonesystem, such as (MORE)

What is a telephone and its uses?

A telephone is a device that transmits a person's voice through wires (or through fiber optic cables) over long distances, enabling that person to speak to another person who also has a telephone. The telephone is a much earlier and more basic invention than the computer, and indeed, computers use t (MORE)

When did people start using science?

The date of early uses of science are lost in pre-history. Math is considered one of the sciences, and counting certainly began very early. When you as a goat herder went out in the morning to graze the flock, your father would expect to have the same number of goats to come home in the evening. A (MORE)